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WSCC Hosts Leadership Academy | News, Sports, Jobs


MARIETTA–Last week, Washington State Community College welcomed the 2021-2022 cohort of the Ohio Association of Community Colleges Leadership Academy for Student Success to its campus. The meeting was part of the one-year fellowship for middle-level faculty and staff at Ohio’s 23 community colleges.

The OACC Leadership Academy, established in 2019, connects community colleges across the state to share and develop strategies to improve student success. During the training held at the WSCC, participating fellows discussed various topics including managing and advancing institutional change. They focused on understanding how to think strategically about institutional finance to drive change. They also explored proven change management strategies that have helped transform colleges.

“The opportunities offered by this academy strengthen the future of higher education. We are developing academic leaders who have a deep and meaningful understanding of the transformational changes being enacted across the state that aim to improve student achievement,” said WSCC President Dr. Vicky Wood.

The session was moderated by Dr. Lenore Rodicio, Senior Fellow of the Aspen Institute’s Academic Excellence Program and a nationally recognized leader in higher education.

Wood and Marion Technical College President Dr. Ryan McCall also spoke about building strong and effective teams.

WSCC representatives this year are the Dean of Transfers and Public Service, Dr. Jona Rinard, and Assistant Professor of English Don Godfrey.

“Our networking has proven invaluable. I reached out to (other Fellows) to gather information and resources that helped me make important ministry decisions and likewise they reached out to me to offer insight and advice based on the work done here at the WSCC”, said Rinard.

From an educator’s perspective, Godfrey said the scholarship gave him insight into how he could become a force for positive change in college. “I learned a lot from (my leadership team’s) expertise in institutional research, grant writing, and the intricacies of the state funding model. They gave me a more complete picture of all aspects of student success.

This class of fellows has one more session before they finish their training. The WSCC has selected Network Administrator Ben Harris and Director of Respiratory Therapy Adrienne Hellinger to participate in the 2022-2023 academy.

For more information about Washington State Community College, visit wscc.edu or call 740-374-8716.

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