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Work on wind farm continues at a steady pace, group meeting says


Work continues at a steady pace at the Viking Energy site, with the number of workers on the controversial 103 turbine development set to reach 300 by the end of the year.

An update on the plans was provided by Stakeholder Manager Aaron Priest at Tuesday night’s community liaison group meeting.

Mr Priest said that there are currently around 80 “local people” at the site, with the workforce consisting of local workers from the prime contractor, civil engineering firm RJ Macleod, as well as “employees. direct “and SSE staff.

But he insisted that the number had to increase as the business grew.

“Later this year, the wind farm’s workforce will grow to nearly 300 people,” he said, adding that the increase in numbers was being recorded “relatively quickly”.

The joint workforce between Viking Energy and its partner SSE is expected to peak at over 500 in 2023.

Work in progress includes work on the Upper Kergord wind substation and the excavation of 30 wind turbine pedestals.

More than 40 kilometers of tracks have been built on a 72 km “comprehensive road network”.

Aaron’s priest

He said £ 9.6million had been spent in the local supply chain, with nearly 50 companies “directly engaged” as contractors or suppliers.

“It gives you an indication of the level of progress that has been made.

Meanwhile, Mr Priest said the Community Benefits Fund linked to a £ 72million index had received 78 applications. More than 40 have already been approved, despite a slowdown in the summer months.

He said priority was given to projects closest to the development of the wind farm.


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