Home Agenda With a focus on public safety, Rep. Malliotakis outlines the GOP’s legislative agenda

With a focus on public safety, Rep. Malliotakis outlines the GOP’s legislative agenda


STATEN ISLAND, NY — Rep. Nicole Malliotakis (R-Staten Island/South Brooklyn) hosted Advance/SILive.com at her Bull’s headquarters on Monday to review her party’s legislative agenda.

Hoping Republicans will take the House and Senate in November, the top congresswoman outlined the party’s plan, titled “Pledge to America,” emphasizing four key points: freedom, strength, safety and responsibility.

“It’s basically a blueprint for what the Republican agenda will be if we take over the House and take over running the next Congress,” she said.

House Republicans began pushing the agenda last week, but much of the plan centers on well-rehearsed conservative talking points on reining in government spending and securing the border.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-California) instructed the various Republican members of the chamber to separate working groups on the topics they focus on and picked Malliotakis for the focused working group. on public safety.

She said one of their first goals will be to repeal legislation that funded the hiring of about 87,000 Internal Revenue Service (IRS) employees over the next five years. This funding could be better used to support the hiring of border patrol agents or local police forces, she said.

“We don’t see the need that Democrats see in terms of these IRS officers, so we want to repeal that,” she said.

Even if the Republicans get their ideal midterm election result and take both houses of Congress, President Joe Biden will still occupy the White House with the ability to thwart their full legislative agenda.

Malliotakis said the accountability component of the Republican plan includes holding federal officials accountable for immigration issues at the southern border and the withdrawal from Afghanistan.

The congresswoman, who is set for a 2020 rematch with former Rep. Max Rose (D-Staten Island/Brooklyn), would only say she would support hearings and investigations when asked if she would be in in favor of impeaching the president.

McCarthy unveiled his party’s legislative platform at a town hall event near Pittsburgh and said he developed the plan following a national tour to hear voter concerns.

“We want to roll it out across the country to know exactly what we’ll do if you trust us and give us the ability to take a new direction for this country,” McCarthy said. “What commitment is is a plan – a plan for a new direction.”