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Whitchurch: Business group hold meeting to discuss events


AN UPCOMING walking festival and plans for the Jubilee were among the topics discussed at a business group meeting in Whitchurch.

Whitchurch Business Group met at the Archibald Worthington Club, Castle Hill on Wednesday 13 April at 6pm.

Representatives from Whitchurch Walkers showed up to discuss the upcoming Walking Festival, which will take place over the weekend of Friday May 13 to Sunday May 15.

Barry Fewster, from Whitchurch Walkers, said one way the business group was helping walkers was to sponsor the event.

He said: “Another way would be to help by sponsoring the event.

“We charge a minimum of £2 to £3.

“However, if we have to use a minibus, we have to cover the cost of fuel.

“It could be your group, maybe could cover that for us.

“If you have a website and want to link it, we will link it to our festivals page.

“We will promote anyone who offers us a discount, we will promote your business through our website and Facebook pages.

“And if you let us use your logos, we’ll link them.

“On your site, you could put a link to our festival, it’s a good way to help us.

“If you could let us know how much your business has benefited, that’s great because we can tell other people.”

Whitchurch Business Group then voted to provide £300 to Whitchurch Walkers.

Hilary Seward of the Whitchurch Business Group offered plans and ideas for celebrating the Jubilee.

She added: “The city needs a Jubilee event.

“If we can use the gallery space, Greg (Ebbs) wanted an exhibition.

“If anyone has any memories, memories of 70 years of the Queen’s reign.

“It might generate some interest and if it was a Saturday people would come in.

Ms Seward added: “We suggest that we have a scarecrow contest again, a royal contest.

“Joe suggested we do an art contest for different age groups and possibly when Moo and Boom would be the focus.

“We tend to pay crown prices in Whitchurch vouchers which keeps it on the high street.”

Ms. Seward concluded the evening and thanked the participants for coming.

She added: “If anyone has any ideas what we can do for May Day, the Jubilee, I will email all the contacts I have.

“The sun is shining, spring is here, the flowers are here, we will try to be positive.

“Thank you very much guys.”