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What’s on the program? Elko government in the coming week | Government and politics


Elko Convention and Visitors Authority The Board of Directors will convene a special session at 8:30 a.m. on Tuesday, February 8 at the Elko Convention Center. Business includes considering a three-year agreement with GES to continue as a contractor for electrical services for the Elko Mining Expo; a one to three year agreement with Source 1 Events to continue supplying canopy/tent furniture for the Elko Mining Expo; and discussion of signing a letter to the Department of Taxation regarding corrective actions taken in response to the findings of the 2020-2021 fiscal year audit.

The Elko City Redevelopment Agency meets at 3:00 p.m. on Tuesday, February 8 at Elko Town Hall. Members will discuss a draft agreement regarding downtown health and safety issues in public spaces, as requested by Catherine Wines. The agency will also review and possibly take action on ongoing and non-compliant storefront enhancement grants.

Elko City Council meets at 4:00 p.m. on Tuesday, February 8 at Elko Town Hall. Elko Boys and Girls Club CEO Rusty Bahr is to give a presentation on a possible recreation and events center. Chief of Police Ty Trouten will present an annual report on the police department. The board may take action regarding a transportation services agreement with SkyWest Airlines Inc.; a $12,500 settlement agreement with a man who claims his constitutional rights were violated during his December 20, 2019 arrest; and providing American Rescue Plan Act funds to local organizations for the promotion and expansion of behavioral health services. The city may also approve a special event request from St. Joseph’s Catholic Church to drop plastic Easter eggs from an airplane in a city park on Easter.

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The Elko County School District the board meets at 5:30 p.m. on tuesday, february 8 in the council chambers at 850 elm street. The board will consider and possibly accept a proposal from MGT to update the school district‘s facilities master plan.

The Elko County Highways Committee will meet at 10 a.m. on Wednesday, February 9 at the Nannini Administration Building to discuss roadwork completed in January and plans for February, including culvert repairs and maintenance on Lower South Fork Road and Smith Creek Road, if time allows it. Other February projects include widening the base of the road on Lower Lamoille Road, Hog Tommy Road and Tuscarora Road. The county may also begin accepting bids for the application of a cement-treated base with new pavement on the industrial section of Last Chance Road.

Elko County Enhanced 911 Map meets at 1:30 p.m. on Thursday, February 10 in the Nannini administration building. Agenda items include an update on the status of the CAD project, a discussion on the replacement of the digital logging recording system that has reached the end of its life, and updates on the enhanced five-year 911 master plan.