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Voters overwhelmingly support increased funding for education and training beyond high school


Big question for candidates: “What is your plan to ensure that Arizona students have quality teachers and principals? »

PHOENIX, June 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Center for the Future of Arizona (CFA) today released its findings on the education of new Arizona Voter Diary, which identifies what likely voters in the general election want candidates to address when campaigning for their votes. The education results show overwhelming support from voters of all political parties and age groups on important education issues, including increased funding for education, expanded opportunities for secondary education and improved educational outcomes.

“Arizona’s voters’ agenda is a data-driven look at the issues likely Arizona voters from all partisan segments and age groups agree and prioritize when considering who to vote for in the upcoming election,” explained Dr. Sybille Francois, President and CEO of CFA. “There’s no better place to start than education, which is critical to our long-term success and was the top issue in the Gallup Arizona CFA survey in 2020. Voters are more interested in hear about these issues than they are many hot topics -buttons the issues that currently dominate political dialogue.And they want to know where the candidates stand on these issues as well as their plans for addressing them as they take their decision on who to support with their vote.

The top education issue on the Arizona voters’ agenda is “Ensuring that Arizona schools have quality teachers and principals,” a topic supported by 97% of likely voters, including 96% among Republicans, 95% independents/unaffiliated, and 98% Democrats. This was also the main finding on education of the CFA’s report on the Gallup Survey in Arizona in 2020.

Additionally, 72% of voters strongly support “Raise teachers’ salaries,” which rises to 88%, including those who support it somewhat. This includes 80% Republicans, 90% independents/unaffiliated, and 98% Democrats. And 65% strongly support the broader concept of “Increase funding for K-12 public education,” and another 17% somewhat support it. This includes 69% Republicans, 90% independents/unaffiliated, and 97% Democrats.

“Voters continue to believe that schools are underfunded and teachers are underpaid,” Dr Francis said. “It’s important to note that super majorities of voters — including Republicans — want to invest in quality education.”

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SOURCE Center for the Future of Arizona