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Visiting assistant professors protest outside Pargat Singh’s residence: The Tribune India


Tribune press service

Jalandhar, December 19

Members of the Association of Assistant Professors of the Governmental College of the Punjab demonstrated for the second time in front of the house of the Minister of Higher Education, Pargat Singh, on Sunday.

Sitting on durries, teachers brandished slogans against the government. They said dharnas, protests have taken place at government colleges across Punjab in the past 48 days due to the Punjab government’s policies against professors working in government colleges for the past 15 to 20 years as as visiting professors, part-time and on contract, but the Punjab government was still unaffected by their plight. They said the government was not run by ministers, but by officials, which is why none of their issues were resolved. On the other hand, the association said that if their issues were not resolved, they would not allow the Congressional government to return.

Teachers said the government postponed the visiting assistant professors’ meeting for 12/18/2021, showing that the government of Punjab was not at all serious about the demands and jobs of the assistant professors in the higher education and visiting professors. They said the Punjab’s higher education ministry previously awarded five points in the document for the recruitment of visiting, part-time and contract teachers, which was adopted by the Cabinet. They said the government subsequently withdrew their own letters.

Therefore, it was very difficult to trust the Congressional government and the Ministry of Higher Education of Punjab. Apart from that, the Secretary of Higher Education, Krishan Kumar, issued a maternity leave letter to visiting professors and withdrew this benefit on the second day itself. Union leader Harminder Singh Dimple Nabha said that due to all this, there was a wave of anger among the visiting assistant professors. Working with the organizations, the teachers said they would fight against the policies of the Punjab government on a large scale.