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Violation of Covid-19 rules: 56 companies, 360 people arrested; authorities take extra precautions in Chinatown


SINGAPORE — Fifty-six businesses have been ordered to close or fined for breaking Covid-19 rules since the start of the year, including a food and drink outlet ( F&B) which allowed customers, who later tested positive for coronavirus, to sing karaoke.

The Ministry of Sustainable Development and Environment (MSE) said in a statement on Friday (January 28) that of those companies, which included F&B outlets, hotels and shopping malls, 27 have been ordered to close and 29 issued fines.

They were found to have broken various rules, including not minimizing interactions between staff and diners, ensuring that groups of customers did not exceed the maximum size allowed and checking the vaccination statuses of guests. clients.

Among them was Somerset’s F&B outlet Candy K-Bar, which was ordered to close for 20 days from Wednesday for allowing a social gathering above the permitted group size and for having served alcohol after 10:30 p.m.

It also allowed patrons to sing karaoke and play darts. The patrons, who were colleagues at another F&B establishment, later tested positive for Covid-19 and infected at least 10 other colleagues who did not attend the gathering that evening.

MSE said further investigations were ongoing. He did not specify how many people were in this group.

Since the beginning of the year, 341 people have been fined for breaching security management measures or differentiated vaccination measures such as gathering in groups larger than the authorized size and mask violations.

The National Parks Board will also take “appropriate enforcement action” against 19 other people who were found on January 23 congregating in groups of more than five in public parks and beaches.

Among them was a group of 11 people at Toa Payoh City Park, MSE said.


MSE said that during the upcoming Chinese New Year period, government agencies will step up law enforcement in hotspots such as food outlets, markets, malls, supermarkets and parks.

He reminded the public that he was not allowed to reserve multiple tables in restaurants for groups of more than five people, unless the diners were from the same household. But even so, mixing between different tables is strictly prohibited.

The ministry added that lo hei, or the traditional toss of raw fish salad, should be done without shouting auspicious phrases. Diners should also be masked when throwing.

Authorities will also introduce additional measures in Chinatown to avoid crowds during Chinese New Year on February 1.

Vehicles will not be permitted to enter Temple Street from 12 p.m. on January 31 until 2 a.m. on February 1.

Safer remote staff will also be deployed at the market and hawker center in the Chinatown complex. At the market, only 300 customers will be allowed at a time.

MSE said customers should enter during off-peak hours and older people should refrain from visiting markets during this time.