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Uttar Pradesh: In the first month Yogi 2.0 government is setting a program at a steady pace


About a month into his second term, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath appears to have picked up the pace while setting an agenda for the timely delivery of better governance in Uttar Pradesh.

Yogi, who was sworn in as chief minister on March 25, ends a month in office in his second run on Sunday.

During this period, he set his government’s agenda for the first 100 days, six months, one year and the next five years in office.

He instructed various departments to develop action plans to achieve the targets accordingly.

Over the past few days, the Chief Minister, accompanied by his Council of Ministers, attended presentations of the state government’s roadmap after setting sectoral targets. Different departments have been divided into 10 sectors.

Chief Secretary Durga Shanka Mishra began with a presentation of the state government’s five-year roadmap on April 5.

“Presentations from all sectors have been made now. The timelines to achieve the 100-day, six-month and one-year targets have been established,” an officer said.

The Chief Minister has instructed his team to bring about further improvements in different sectors to make Uttar Pradesh the number one state and economy of India. Yogi government 2.0 goes so far to provide governance to all sections of society without any controversy.

The Yogi government’s first decision in 2017 was to waive agricultural loans of up to 1 lakh small marginal farmers. The current scheme has given an indication that it strives to provide free electricity to farmers. The Yogi 2.0 government is tough on law and order just like the first government, which set up anti-Romeo squads.

“The Yogi government has gained momentum at a much faster rate. It seems that people are experiencing good results from the measures initiated during the Yogi 1.0 government which courted controversy over measures like anti-Romeo team etc. Actions for bulldozer use have been well accepted now. Also, the state government guidelines on the use of loudspeakers are for everyone and this sends a very good message to society,” said Professor SK Dwivedi, former head of the political science department. from the University of Lucknow.

The Yogi 2.0 government issued 1018 government decrees in the first month against nearly 1154 GOs issued in the first month of the first term in 2017.


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