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Updates on projects funded by College of the Desert Bond


Trustees Highlight Desert College Bond-Funded Projects and Pledge Community Updates

Palm Springs (January 25, 2022) – Members of the Desert College Board of Trustees have reaffirmed their commitment to an open and transparent process for all future decisions related to expansion, repair and modernization projects funded by publicly approved bond measures.

At their January 21, 2022 board meeting, trustees confirmed their support for the construction of a new Palm Springs and Roadrunner Motors campus, which will provide education, training and a job pipeline to College of the Desert students.

Trustees have expressed interest in visiting city council meetings in their districts and providing updates to their constituents on planned improvements to the College campuses in Palm Desert, Cathedral City, Mecca/Thermal, Palm Springs and Desert. Hot Springs and sites in other communities.

“We are committed to providing the latest information to our constituents on the use of public funds to improve educational facilities at College of the Desert in the Coachella Valley,” said board chairman Rubén AríAztlán Pérez.

Council members will meet regularly with College lawyers and staff to ensure projects continue to move forward and funds are spent responsibly.

Coachella Valley voters passed Measure B in 2004 and Measure CC in 2016, which together provided $924.3 million for improvements to meet program and community needs. The facilities and programs enable the College to continue to provide a top-notch education.

Among the projects reviewed was an update to the state of Roadrunner Motors. Currently, staff are investigating various alternative sites for Roadrunner Motors. The board will review three locations, including the original site, and choose the final space at a public meeting later this year.

The Board also heard plans for the Palm Springs campus, which is approximately one-third of the schematic design. Due to increased material and labor costs caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, construction will likely begin in stages. In the meantime, College management is developing a district-wide total cost of ownership plan and will engage a consultant to validate a master plan study beginning in 2016. Following these steps, faculty, staff, student advisory groups and others will participate in the comments.

“Faculty involvement, feedback on plans, and a solid community needs assessment are critical to a successful design process and will result in the best educational services for our students and our community,” said Superintendent/ President Martha Garcia, Ed.D.

Other bond projects planned for 2023 and 2024 include the expansion and renovation of the Indio campus and the addition of a children’s development center, an overhaul of the science building on the Palm Desert campus, as well as the improvement of the stadium and sports fields. These projects are on track to be completed on time.

A recap of the meeting is available on the College of the Desert YouTube channel. Additional information is available at collegeofthedesert.edu.

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