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UMich sees continued decrease in COVID-19 positivity rate


Cases of COVID-19 at the University of Michigan continue to decline, with only a positivity rate of 0.8% this week. This decrease follows an initial drastic increase in cases at the start of the semester as students return to campus.

Despite the drop, the university accounts for 11.1% of COVID-19 cases in Washtenaw County. The county is currently subject to high levels of transmission based on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention criteria.

Students can currently get free COVID-19 testing through the University’s Community Monitoring and Sampling program and the University Health System symptomatic testing. The CSTP program carried out more than 7,000 tests last week while the UHS carried out 850.

Occupancy in quarantine and isolation accommodation has also declined over the past three weeks and now stands at 6.3%. Three weeks ago, during the week of September 9, the occupancy rate was almost 40%.

The University announced in July that vaccines would be mandatory for all students and staff, barring religious exemptions. Currently, 96% of students and 86% of all employees are fully immunized.

The University said the majority of COVID-19 cases are linked to “off-campus social gatherings without masks.”

The COVID-19 dashboard is updated daily and can be found here.

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