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“Ultra-MAGA Agenda”: Quotes of the week


Last week started with the fallout from the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, where President Joe Biden cracked jokes at his own expense and got bitten by comedian Trevor Noah. However, by mid-week the story had changed dramatically, with an explosive leak of a draft Supreme Court opinion that appears to point to the future of Roe vs. Wade is online. Here are the quotes of the week.

“I’m thrilled to be here tonight with the only group of Americans with a lower approval rating than mine.”
– President Joe Biden shows he has jokes during his speech at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner

“The Republicans seem to support a guy, a guy named Brandon. He is having a very good year and I am quite happy for him!
Biden makes a joke at his own expense, owning the Let’s Go Brandon meme.

“Who ever thought we would see the day when a senator could be openly bisexual but a closeted Republican?”
– Host Trevor Noah shoots Senator Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ).


“It’s relatively normal in the afternoon, but as soon as the sun goes down…”
Noah compares Fox News to a Waffle House.

“So I never, I would never witness this. I have no interest in that. I didn’t watch it. I don’t care what they do. But for them to advertise me when this invitation was turned down by my office, that’s a lie.
– Govt. Ron DeSantis takes it out on Noah after the comedian cracked jokes seemingly made to make it look like the Florida Republican was in the crowd.

“I think after the election, my goal would be that if we win the election very broadly, people like you who analyze these things are going to say, ‘The days of Florida being a swing state are over. Florida is a red state, and I think that’s because of a lot of what we’ve done.
DeSantis has noble goals for the next election on the future of Florida.

“I want to clarify three things. First, now that the court is about to overturn deerI intend for the Senate to vote on a bill to codify the right to abortion into law.
– Senate Majority Leader chuck schumer on the run.

“If the court cancels deer, it will be up to our nation’s elected officials at all levels of government to protect women’s right to choose. And it will be up to voters to elect pro-choice leaders in November.
Biden calls on voters to vote for pro-abortion rights candidates in the midterm elections.

“To the extent that this betrayal of court confidences was intended to undermine the integrity of our operation, it will not succeed.”
– Chief Judge John Roberts hit whoever leaked the draft.

“By all indications, this was yet another escalation in the radical left’s ongoing campaign to bully and bully federal judges and substitute mob rule for the rule of law.”
– Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) on the leak.

“If this decision stands, it’s really quite a drastic decision. … I haven’t had a chance to go into the report in depth. … Does that mean that in Florida they can decide that they going to pass a law saying gay marriage is not allowed?”
Biden questions if the Roe vs. Wade decision will lead to the future cancellation of other laws.

“On the creation of the Ministry of Truth by the Secretary [Alejandro] Mayorkas, a particularly non-neutral participant in the body politic, is obviously so outrageous that George Orwell’s eyebrows would be raised. The characterization of Psaki is a desperate attempt by the Ministry of Truth spokeswoman to suggest that there was something like the Ministry of Truth Biden in the works of the last administration – there was not. “
– Former Trump-era Deputy DHS Secretary Ken Cuccinelli contradicts statements by White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki that the Disinformation Committee dates until 2020 and the Trump administration.

“I don’t want to hear the Republicans talk about deficits and their ultra-MAGA agenda.”
Biden explains how he cut the deficit by $350 billion in his first year in office.

“What are the next things that are going to be attacked? Because this MAGA mob is truly the most extreme political organization that has ever existed in American history.”
Biden seems to have adopted new message on the crowd “Make America Great Again” following the leak of the Supreme Court draft.

“In principle, it seems that by moderating demand, we could see [job] vacancies are shrinking as a result… and I think supply and demand are at least closer than they are, and that would give us a chance to drive down wages and then drive down inflation without having to slow the economy and have a recession and have unemployment increase significantly.
“So there is a path to that. Now, I would say I think we have a good chance of having a soft landing or outcome, or rather a soft one, if you will.
– Chairman of the Federal Reserve Jerome Powell sees a way to bring down inflation without crushing the economy, although he said it will be difficult.

“The president said today, ‘What if states change the law saying LGBTQ kids can’t be in classrooms with other kids?’ What is he talking about?”
– Fox News reporter Pierre Doocy asks PSAki what Biden is actually referring to here.

“It’s a true honor. I look forward to serving this administration and the American people. I have big shoes to fill. [Psaki] has been a great friend, mentor and excellent publicist.”
Karine Jean-Pierre after being named the new White House press secretary, replacing PSAKI.

“Representation is important, and it will give voice to many but also make many dream of what is truly possible.”
psaki greets his replacement Jean-Pierre.


“This is false. I have had no communication, direct or indirect, with Trump, who has publicly stated that he will be exclusively on Truth Social.”
– New owner of Twitter Elon Musk denies a report that former President Donald Trump subtly influenced its decision to acquire the social media giant.