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Timothée Chalamet’s film receives $ 50,000 for security after car break-ins and intruders


The production team behind the feature film “Bones and All” directed by Timothée Chalamet received $ 50,000 from the city for additional security after burglaries and car thefts were reported to police earlier this month- this.

The film company also cited “unwanted intruders attempting to enter our set in an unauthorized manner.”

The Enquirer has uncovered new details about the crimes that sparked a request for funds from the city backed by Mayor John Cranley and a heated discussion in Cincinnati City Council. a city councilor told The Enquirer on Thursday that the vote set a bad precedent.

“We think it’s very important for us to try to keep our cast and crew as safe as possible,” Theresa Park, president of Per Capita Productions, said at the board meeting on Wednesday. Per Capita is housed in an office building in Queensgate; officials did not return two calls and an email.

Cincinnati Police spokeswoman Emily Szink told The Enquirer seven people reported multiple thefts and damage to their vehicles on June 6 near the company’s production office. The break-ins took place between June 1 and 6. Victims reported a total loss of $ 5,500 in broken car windows and stolen items such as a gun, money, clothing and tools.

Park said the vehicles belonged to the crew, “most of whom are local in this area.”

Park said the office is open to employees for work with plenty of “back and forth at any time of the day or night.” As a result, security is “a major issue for us”.

She added that the company spends millions of its $ 16 million budget to hire local teams, book hotels and pay local suppliers. She said she sees the money as an investment that will be worth it for the city.

Goodin: “Set a bad precedent. ”

The order to spend $ 50,000 was passed 7-2 Wednesday with council members Christopher Smitherman, Greg Landsman, David Mann, Liz Keating, Betsy Sundermann, Wendell Young and Jan-Michele Lemon Kearney voting yes. Councilors Chris Seelbach and Steve Goodin voted against.

Goodin initially voted for the order in the Committee on Budget and Finance, but changed his vote to no at the council meeting on Wednesday. He told The Enquirer that “it sets a bad precedent” for the board to give $ 50,000 to a private company.

“This is a for-profit production, and it looks like a lot of the current production won’t even take place within the city limits of Cincinnati. From what I understand, that’s is all over the region and it’s only about three weeks of production left. “

Filming for the film took place in parts of Kentucky and Ohio as well as within city limits, according to Park. Production is also slated to end in July.

“If we could have taken that $ 50,000 and put in a few new crosswalks in East Westwood, it would have been a good day,” Goodin said. “When you vote on a budget, you vote on your priorities.”

The film company will hire a Cincinnati police officer security guard and send a bill to the city to pay, Kelly Carr from the city manager‘s office said. The amount cannot exceed $ 50,000.

At the council meeting, City Councilor Kearney said the film will generate income and jobs for the city.

City councilor Seelbach was one of the two dissidents. At Wednesday’s city council meeting, he said it was unfortunate the company was robbed, but “this is not a non-profit movie.” He said the film’s $ 16 million budget should cover the cost.

Cranley sought protection for the production of the feature film “Bones and All”. The film, directed by director Luca Guadagnino and starring Chalamet, began filming here earlier this summer.


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