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The Resource Council works to help caregivers


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In an effort to connect students, faculty, and staff with child and pet care services, the Racer Family Network Resources Board was established on August 12.

The Resource Council was created to meet the needs of the campus community, said Courtney Hixon, interim director of human resources.

“The Racer Family Network Resources Board was formed after a review of recommendations received from the Presidential Work-Life Balance Task Force and others regarding the needs of faculty, staff and students for additional resources in child care, ”Hixon said.

The Resources Board is a secure internal electronic bulletin board located on the myGate Home tab and is only accessible to users with a Murray State University email account.

Hixon said the creation of the Resource Council further provides a new opportunity for students, faculty and staff to advertise their own childcare and pet care services.

“People who wish to provide occasional care can submit their information and availability through an online form on the myGate Home tab,” Hixon said. “The Resource Board is then available to people who need occasional care for review. “

So far, 38 faculty, staff and students have posted their information on the Resource Board. The online form indicates each individual’s name, email address, MSU status (student, professor or staff), type of care provided, locations available, hours available for each day of the week and whether the The individual has reliable transportation to and from the location where care is needed.

Currently, the locations available for babysitting and pet care include Calloway, Graves and Marshall counties. Pet care is also available in Christian and Trigg counties.

Kayla Rexroad, a sophomore journalism student who provides child and pet care, said the Resources Board is an important addition to the campus community.

“The Resource Council helps our community by making sure every student gets the help they need,” Rexroad said. “Students have incredibly busy lives, and it is important that there is a service like this. “

Students aren’t the only ones who need help. Due to the additional stress caused by the pandemic, the faculty Senate proposed a resolution in an April 6 meeting that faculty caregivers should be considered for “temporary changes in their work-related duties. for the 2021-2022 academic year ”, according to the resolution. .

As recommended by the Women’s Faculty Caucus, these changes include flexibility in teaching modes (in-person or virtual), flexibility in determining the locations of office hours, limiting non-essential service expectations, and addressing non-essential service expectations. account responsibilities when determining teaching load.

The resolution also included a letter from the Executive Committee of the Women’s Faculty Caucus which noted that the pressure of COVID-19 “has been felt particularly by women”, particularly because female professors “are more likely to take on responsibilities of extra care than men “. The provost deferred consideration of the resolution for the time being.

Andrew Black, a professor in the Department of English and Philosophy who has a toddler at home, said it was difficult to balance parent with his career.

“It’s exhausting, especially because of the pandemic,” Black said. “My daycare has closed several times due to positive cases of COVID in my son’s room, and my wife and I have had to quarantine and take time off from work. My research is behind schedule and I find it difficult to keep up with the service and teaching, especially now that they are in person.

Despite this, Black said he would not consider using the Resource Council in the future.

“I would not consider using the services of the Resource Board because, as the disclaimer indicates, the risk is mine and the University has made no effort to confirm that people who choose to go. enroll are qualified or able, ”Black said. “I’d rather go to a trusted friend or colleague or even a student to ask for resources. “

A search tool for public childcare services is also available on the Human Resources page under the “Work + Life” tab. The Human Resources page is located in the Office directory at murraystate.edu/headermenu/.

The finder provides access to certified or licensed child care options in the community and is managed by the Cabinet for Health and Family Services Division of Child Care.

Anyone with further questions can contact the Human Resources office by calling (270) 809-2146 or emailing [email protected]

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