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The Fiji Times »Health Reviews Place of Worship Protocols


Social gatherings, including inside places of worship, have been recognized as high-level transmission routes for COVID-19 since the start of the pandemic.

This, according to the permanent secretary of the Ministry of Health, Dr James Fong.

“Confined space, crowding and strong vocalization issues helped facilitate high levels of transmission,†said Dr Fong.

“We have reviewed the protocols of our houses of worship and will provide an update after a meeting with religious leaders.

“We call on the public and community leaders to remain patient in the early days of implementing these protocols and to stay focused on the overall goal of creating a safe COVID-19 environment around all social gatherings, including including gatherings at the place of worship. “

According to the World Health Organization, COVID-19 mainly causes respiratory illnesses ranging from mild illness to severe illness and death, and some people infected with the virus never develop symptoms.

WHO has also said that since those infected without symptoms can transmit the virus, it is also prudent to encourage the use of cloth face masks in public places where there is community transmission and where ‘other preventive measures, such as physical distancing, are not possible.


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