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Supervisors trade blows at a meeting | Local News


After a meeting of the Policy and Personnel Committee was canceled last week due to an office issue, the Halifax County Oversight Board took time at the end of Monday night’s meeting to discuss the non-meeting of the committee and confidentiality issues.

With only members of the press and county staff in attendance, supervisors criticized each other over why the meeting was canceled and how the resignation of Todd Moser, former director of animal control, has been processed.

Supervisors had planned to discuss the situation with Moser at the policy and staff committee meeting with county staff.

“We called this meeting to try to explain some things with Mr. Moser and it was a mistake,” ED-1 Supervisor Ricky Short, Policy and Personnel Committee chair, said addressing ED supervisor. -8 William Bryant Claiborne.

Moser resigned from the County and Halifax County School Board in September after another publication published an article citing an email to the Oversight Board from County Administrator Scott Simpson describing an investigation of the Virginia state police on county embezzlement. No arrests have been made at the time of publication on Tuesday.

Before Short could finish his sentence, Claiborne interrupted him by saying: “Explain to the press which meeting we are talking about”.

County administrator Scott Simpson then intervened saying, “They have been informed. All notifications were made on Friday around noon before the Wednesday afternoon meeting. “

Notice of the meeting was posted on the county’s website.

“You didn’t get three days’ notice, and that’s why we canceled the meeting,†Simpson said.

The county administrator explained that earlier this year ED-6 supervisor Stanley Brandon was on the committee before stepping down and they had not updated their records. Therefore, Brandon was notified of the meeting. Claiborne was not notified of the October 29 meeting until Monday October 27 and, therefore, was not given the proper three days notice.

Claiborne went on to criticize the lack of involvement of supervisors in the county’s hiring process.

“For a whole year you didn’t talk to him about staff,” Claiborne asked Short, who said Simpson informed him after some of the county’s previous hires.

Short then changed the subject, saying that a member of the press received a confidential memorandum which was sent to all supervisors.

“Someone in this room disclosed this. In other words, we have a mole among us, â€he added.

“I don’t know who to point the finger at, but we have to watch what we say in closed meetings. Confidentiality is out of the question now because it goes straight to the press before we know what’s going on. “

Claiborne responded by saying, “But it wasn’t behind closed doors. You should also be careful when talking about moles.

He went to ask Short to disclose which memorandum he was referring to, but Simpson intervened by saying, “I would not disclose this because it was in a confidential memorandum.”

Claiborne then cut Simpson off saying it was time for supervisors’ comments.

After a few more comments from board members, President Hubert Pannell expressed his dismay that the policy and staff committee had not met and encouraged them to do so.


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