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Student association and student clubs


You can make the Saint Rose community even better, especially by playing an energetic role in the student association.

Student association

As student government on campus, “SA” provides the voice of the student body to Saint Rose faculty, administration, and trustees. In this way, members of the Association help establish policies on major campus issues and improve the future of the College.

As well as being the place where every student can share ideas and raise concerns, SA is responsible for planning several programs throughout the year – including postgraduate week, semi-formals, heritage month programming, and more! Learn how you can get involved in a committee to be part of this planning!

The board of directors of the student association 2022-2023

Chair – Anita Sanchez Garcia
Vice-president –Madison Wolfe
Co-secretary – Saul Zajkowski-Ennabe
Co-secretary– Andrea Mendoza
Treasurer –Alejandra Morillo
Therese Belfance

General Meetings

Fall 2022 semester meetings will be scheduled and made public once the semester begins. Please watch for updates to this page and signage around campus. Please contact Councilor Theresa Belfance for more information.

SA General Business Meetings are open to the campus community, everyone is welcome! Make your voice heard by attending a meeting. Stay up to date on campus activities and important news. Students can join various SA committees. For more information on the committees and to be an active member of SA, attend a weekly meeting or contact the student association.

Student clubs

Students come to campus with a variety of interests – students also develop new interests once here. We strongly encourage students to explore the many student clubs we offer – and if you’re looking for something new, we’re here to work with you to start your own club! Our clubs offer several programs throughout the year and there are always new ways to get involved. There will be club lounges to start each semester, so it’s never too late to sign up! Visit our Student Clubs page to see the different groups waiting to meet you!