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Speakeasy introduces SlideQUEST, a SaaS learning tool that rescues presenters from slide misery and helps businesses reclaim lost productivity


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Scalable, cost-effective presentation enhancement solution, part of the SpeakeasyDIGITAL platform, teaches presenters how to think more critically about slide usage and design to better connect with listeners and achieve better results

ATLANTA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Speakeasy, Inc., the leading global consulting firm specializing in professional communication development, today announced the launch of SlideQUEST, a scalable learning tool that eliminates bad habits and hours of lost productivity teaching presenters how and when to use slide decks effectively. The SaaS program is offered as part of the SpeakeasyDIGITAL platform.

SlideQUEST’s core philosophy is based on the same learning strategies that have guided Speakeasy’s flagship in-person and virtual training programs for the past half-century. The training program, delivered asynchronously, is designed to teach presenters critical thinking skills to create slides that promote communication rather than distract from the message by using slide decks as meeting scripts. SlideQUEST is an extension of Speakeasy’s popular learning tool MessageQUEST.

“Presentations have increasingly become an Achilles heel for American business productivity, and COVID-19 has only amplified the problem,” said Scott Weiss, CEO of Speakeasy. “Teams are disengaged in virtual meetings, making time spent a waste; the art of conversation has been replaced by poor presentations, especially in virtual meetings, which stand in the way of meaningful human connection; and no one has ever learned the art of creating powerful slides to support a larger communications strategy. Slides have become an emotionally disconnected crutch that hurts businesses and their bottom line. »

SlideQUEST is built on the core principle that presenters should not work on their slides while they are developing their meeting content, as this will compromise the value and integrity of both. MessageQUEST was designed to teach presenters how to create a powerful strategy to drive an effective meeting first; SlideQUEST shows them when and how to create a slide that properly supports the message in a way that achieves meeting objectives.

Because slides are inherently necessary in a wide range of business communications, SlideQUEST’s mission is to teach users how to properly develop them to achieve the desired result. The focus is on the two main types of slides: to support spoken communication and to be in place of spoken communication, which justifies a different approach. Either way, knowing when to use a slide and what to put on it can make a crucial difference in listener engagement and meeting outcome.

“Everyone hates long slides. Imagine if you never had to create another one. Imagine if you never had to sit through another,” Weiss added. “It’s not just meetings where productivity is lost. Producing poor slide presentations costs businesses millions of dollars in lost productivity every day. We’re here to help businesses recoup that lost productivity. Anyone in the business world who communicates complex information should use a slide; we don’t just want them to be good, we want them to be fewer.

To learn more about SlideQUEST, SpeakeasyDIGITAL or the flagship Speakeasy IN-PERSON or VIRTUAL programs, please visit www.speakeasyinc.com.

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