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Sewer Policy Decision on Kingman City Council Agenda | Kingman Daily Miner


KINGMAN – City Council will meet on Tuesday, September 21 at 5 pm in the Council Chamber of the City Complex, 310 N. Fourth St. Council will consider a waiver request from the requirement to extend sewers to new subdivisions.

Mohave Land Holdings has applied for the sewer modification for the proposed 30-unit Pasadena Estates subdivision.

The Sewer Policy Statement states that new subdivisions within city water service boundaries “shall provide for the discharge of domestic and other liquid wastes into the municipal sewer system.”

It also indicates that new subdivisions within or outside city limits will not benefit from water service if they are not served by a central wastewater collection system.

Prior to the policy changes in 2011, the policy was the same except that lots 20,000 square feet or larger could have septic tanks. The policy changed in 2011 because the city council wanted to connect as many houses as possible to the sewer system so that the wastewater could be reused.

Staff contend that current political standards should be followed and kept “consistent†so that no exceptions are made that might alter the policy adopted.

Council may also approve an agreement between the fire department and the Mohave Community College Fire Academy for the use of the facilities at Fire Station 2 for educational purposes and for the use of equipment. The fire department is requesting exemption from fire service charges with the exception of certain charges.

The fire department is also seeking approval of an agreement between KFD and the Hualapai Nation Fire Department. HNFD would use the training room at Fire Station 2 for a three-day training program hosted by Insight Fire Training. The department requests exemption from training fees in exchange for eight full student registrations at KFD.

The board will also decide whether to complete the Hilltop Wastewater Treatment Plant recharge well and equipment project with Felix Construction Company, which will add additional drainage, disinfection and disposal lines, gauges, valves, fittings and related items at a cost of $ 1.6 million. They will also decide whether or not to approve the effluent motor control cabinet upgrades at the Hilltop wastewater treatment facility at a cost of approximately $ 101,000.

Angle Land Development, LLC has requested the release of a cash deposit insurance contract for over $ 42,000 for completed street improvements on N. Central Street adjacent to Southern Vista V, Tract 6048-A, which is part of a subdivision of 34 lots. Angle also requested the release of a cash escrow insurance contract for $ 42,000 for improvements to N. Central Street adjacent to Southern Vista V, Tract 6048-C, which is part of a subdivision of 36 lots.

The Council will also consider appointing two new members to the Clean City Commission.

Staff will share reports on fleet management and vagrancy.


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