Home Social gathering Senate, please reconsider the law criminalizing ransom to kidnappers

Senate, please reconsider the law criminalizing ransom to kidnappers


KThe idnappings were the major security disaster threatening the lives of Nigerians in places far and near, the bandits’ activities began as Fulani groups sought justice for their slain relatives or to recover their stolen pets but were not caught in charge and violence.

In northern Nigeria, for example, there are specific places in some states which are called “death zones” due to the frequent activities of bandits, they roam unchallenged by security forces, taking innocent people to their lairs and only releasing them when ransoms are paid.

The inhabitants of these areas no longer sleep with both eyes closed, they are taken on the roads during trips, in their homes at night, during social gatherings such as weddings, baptism ceremonies, etc. same communities or neighborhoods they attack, their victims are mostly students, villagers, low-level politicians and moderate businessmen, while members of government and owners of industries enjoy a maximum security both at home and abroad. The ban on paying a ransom to the kidnappers would not put an end to the barbaric act but would aggravate the situation.

It is obvious that whenever ordinary citizens are affected by crime or chaos, the government pays less attention, but whenever their families or political allies are victimized, they do everything possible to get them out. and punish the perpetrators. I vividly remember that in 2009 there was a sharp turn with scattered potholes along the Bauchi – Gombe road where countless number of travelers lost their lives, the government did nothing until a daughter of the then Federation government secretary was involved in an accident and died instantly, the contract to repair the damaged road was approved a week after her death.

If a small fire is not put out early it can ignite and burn us all, so safety is everyone’s business, let’s report suspicious people or activity in our communities to the nearest security for urgent action . May God protect and bless Nigeria. Amen.

Mukhtar Garba Kobi written by Bauchi