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Schools “trust” that federal aid will continue in fight against masks


TALLAHASSEE, Fla – Another round of sanctions could come to Florida schools defying the governor’s mask tenure ban. The State Board of Education will discuss 11 non-compliant districts on October 7.

The last time this happened, two schools in Alachua and Broward counties were hit with thousands of dollars in financial penalties. State officials withheld funds equivalent to the monthly salaries of school board members supporting the challenge.

A meeting notice from the BOE, put online On Wednesday morning, members said members would address compliance with updated state rules, which recently eased student quarantine and still require masking removals for parents.

The board of directors is also likely to discuss a federal grant program reimburse schools following CDC guidelines, but faced with state sanctions.

EW Scripps

Several Florida schools defying the governor’s mask tenure ban may soon face another round of sanctions.

When asked if the grant money would be a topic of the BOE meeting, Jared Ochs, communications director for the Florida Department of Education, said in an email, “Your questions will be discussed at this. meeting. I strongly suggest you log in. “

Alachua County was the first district to obtain to help through the grant program, Project SAFE. He offered school officials nearly $ 150,000 last week. Broward County has received over $ 400,000 on Tuesday.

Alachua’s superintendent of schools, Dr. Carlee Simon, said she was confident the federal government would maintain the aid. This was despite finding his district in the crosshairs of the state.

“I am confident that they will not only support us in this situation, but also for any new threat or issue that arises,†said Simon. “I think they’re watching and they’re going to provide the support we need.”

Federal officials backed this up last week. Mary Wall, the White House’s senior policy adviser on education, told us that the Biden administration was “not in politics.”

“The administration will continue to support educators and leaders who are doing the right thing for children,†she said. “But, it’s extremely important that we don’t play games here.”

Senior White House Policy Advisor for Education Mary Wall

EW Scripps

Mary Wall talks about the White House’s support for Florida school districts imposing mask mandates.

DeSantis and state education officials have continued to say masking policies should be the decision of parents, not districts. In statements, the administration pledged to keep the pressure on contemptuous schools.

“Ultimately, government was instituted for certain reasons, to protect life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,†DeSantis said at a recent press conference. press conference. “Here, with what we do with this policy, we are really supporting the ability of children to be educated.”

Officials have scheduled the BOE meeting for 1 p.m. on Thursday, October 7. It will take place virtually by conference call. The meeting is open to the public by calling 1 (800) 368-1029 and using the access code: 380771.


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