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School Safety, New Learning Center Tops Agenda of Carthage School Board Working Session | New


CARTHAGE, Mo. – School safety and working with area law enforcement to protect students will be on the agenda of a Carthage Board of Education business session scheduled for Tuesday at 6 p.m. in Carthage. Junior High Media Center.

Carthage Superintendent Mark Baker said he invited the Carthage Police Department and the Jasper County Sheriff’s Office to the meeting to help council members and others understand how they all work together. to prevent Carthage from becoming another name on the list of towns where school shooters have killed.

“It goes back a little bit, but we used to have a community meeting every year or so with 911 officials, law enforcement and everyone else just to go over things in case something went wrong. would happen, and that meeting hasn’t happened in many years,” Baker said. “So for this one, I don’t have everyone there, I just have these two groups, but it’s just kind of a reminder of what they’re going through to prepare for an emergency like this. -the.”

He said Carthage Police Chief Bill Hawkins and Jasper County Sheriff’s Sgt. Roy Teed will meet with members of the Board of Directors.

Baker said the district contracts with the city to provide law enforcement officers to schools during the school year.

“We have a real SRO (school resource officer) and we pay the city for his salary,” Baker said. “And we would have two, if we could find them, other officers who are fully paid by us to work in the schools during the school year. They could work for the city in the summer if they want to and the city wants them too. We are looking for two agents to fill these positions.

Baker said the Jasper County Sheriff’s Office helps provide security at Pleasant Valley Elementary School, located in Brooklyn Heights outside the city limits of Carthage.

Baker said the recent school shooting in Uvalde, Texas was not the main reason the topic was added to the agenda, but it was on everyone’s mind, including including his.

“It wasn’t necessarily a reaction to what happened in Texas,” Baker said. “We’re going to talk about the security aspect and I’m going to show a short video of the clip of the suspect entering the school in Uvalde. In 20 seconds, it was over, he went from the entrance of the building to the first classroom in less than 25 seconds.

Also on the program:

• Discussion and presentation of the new Powers Education Center, which the district is building inside the former Powers Museum building on West Oak Street.

The museum’s board donated the building to the district after it ran out of money in 2021. Baker said trustees will outline a plan for the Powers Learning Center and how it will help high school students in trouble.

• Early literacy programs the district has started in the past two years and how they help young students.

• How the District will spend the $10 million in COVID-19 emergency money it is receiving from the federal government. Baker said $4 million is in the budget for the 2022-23 fiscal year and $6 million will be in the budget for the 2023-24 fiscal year.