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Roy Exum: Harpeth Hall in shock


I like to think that our private schools in Chattanooga are smarter than running face to face into a deep wasp’s nest like Nashville’s prestigious Harpeth Hall just did. Last week, ‘woke’ thinkers at the girls’ school let slip that the school would consider accepting ‘any student who identifies as a girl’ due to a ‘gender diversity philosophy’ which has just been adopted. Since then, the fires in hell can’t be hotter than the outrage that’s engulfed what is frankly one of the best college prep schools in the country.

Fox News is even fanning the flames and some patrons who would pay $33,000 in tuition a year (i.e. per girl) are now asking anyone who had anything to do with this travesty to quit or be fired .

In a scathing letter, it is alleged that the school’s board and its most prominent members are more focused on “political activism than the education of our girls.” Current events are just one symptom of this activism.

The letter read: “We call today for the resignation of board members who have been the supporters or facilitators of political activism and division.”

In a Zoom town hall call obtained by Fox News Digital, Harpeth Hall school principal Jess Hill said the trans issue “is something we’ve been thinking about and working on for probably six years.” Yet until last week very few people in the school’s community knew of the ‘gender diversity philosophy’ and it is believed that no boy who thinks he is a girl has applied to the admissions office. .

The latest letter from “worried Harpeth Hall parents, alumni and donors” emphatically stated until action is taken by the board “We will withhold all financial donations to the school”. The board quickly issued a statement saying it would “pause” the implementation of the gender diversity program.

The letter also said the authors would submit to the board “the name of a female leader who will be appointed chair of the board, effective immediately, so that she can begin the process of rebuilding the school as a place of excellence. “.

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* — “Parents and the general public have spoken out loud and clear on this subject. Yet these woke institutions keep trying to subvert the will of the peoples. That’s how authoritarian dictatorships run and, man, are we on the direct path to that kind of leadership in this nation.

* — “Why don’t liberals understand there is no such thing as gender diversity?” Of the more than 5 million animal species on the planet, all of those that produce eggs are female. Those who fertilize the eggs are males. Why do liberals think this doesn’t apply to humans? No genetic human male has naturally produced an egg and no genetic human female has naturally fertilized an egg. Why don’t liberals understand this?

* — “That is why all schools must be privatized. They would be directly accountable to the people paying the tuition. Unions and politicians would have no say. And there would be a competition to see who could become the best students.

* — “And once they have a new board in place, there needs to be an amendment to the school charter, that only those born biologically female can attend the school. They do not recognize gender change, gender fluidity or gender transition. This is a private institute, run by private donors and they have the right to run their school as they see fit. If you don’t like it, don’t go there.”

* — “Is anyone else amazed/surprised at how deeply this awakening movement has woven itself into the education system? How long has this been going on? Do the teachers in these schools really agree with the concepts? If there was a silver lining in the COVID deal, it’s that parents are paying more attention than ever to programs and administrators. I would love to hear a response from some teachers.

* — “In the early 90’s, I went to a PTA meeting where I was talking about hosting a basketball tournament for kids and dads. When I talked about advancing winning teams, the physical education teacher interrupted me and said we couldn’t keep score because there were no winners or losers. Surely that was happening at the time and these kids are those who, as adults, cannot understand when things don’t go their way.

* — “Their communication that “…the belief that the Harpeth Hall Board of Trust and school administration have focused more on political activism than on the education of our daughters”, hits right in the thousand for all these school boards across the country in private and public schools.

* — “How long has this been going on? Ever since the federal government created the Department of Education. Combine the Department of Education with the teachers’ unions and you have liberal control of education. top-down education. Teachers have gone from a fairly balanced 50/50 liberal/conservative to more than 90% liberal, with the conservatives having been pushed out over the years. I can cite several examples of teachers in university who were fired for expressing a conservative view.

* — “The directors of Woke got their hands in the cookie jar thinking they could do it without any pushback and even worse by not asking the people who pay their salaries for feedback. They need to be fired in in haste.

* — “Graduates and those who have supported financially, through tuition or donations, should sue for damage to the institution’s reputation.”

* — “This illustrates exactly what the good guys would do in public education. These Harpeth Hall parents and donors have the power of the pocketbook to get what they pay for. If they don’t like results offered by the school, they can withdraw their funding and go elsewhere, an option that is not available to most parents of children in public schools where school boards and unions have no responsibility.

* — “You know what? The tide is turning. Rational Americans have been caught off guard during the Covid pandemic by the sudden wave of radical, authoritarian, un-American actions by hardline extremists. Americans on both sides across the political spectrum were appalled and confused by the sudden onslaught. But, more and more, I see Americans asserting themselves and standing up to the crowd. Let’s keep it up guys. Let’s keep flouting their agenda until let them slip away.

* — “When I first read the story about this, I knew it wasn’t going to turn out very well. Private schools can’t crush parents like public schools do. Allow people to lead their school taxes to the school of their choice and watch how quickly the public school system is recovering.

* — “No words can express how proud I am of these donors who have withheld funds. Parents and alumni are also to be appreciated for their stand. when the money stops The reputation of any entity that has endured since 1865 should not be endangered for 1, or at most 2, of the mentally ill.

* — “THIS is what fighting the madness of social engineering looks like. Well done, parents, donors and alumni… Well done.

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