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Request for road improvement, employment contract in appeal among the items on the agenda



A tour site, the award of an offer, a request for road improvement, a request to cancel a warrant and a potential contract with the Kansas attorney general’s office are among the items to be ordered from the Saline County Commission day for Tuesday.

About the meeting

The Saline County commission is scheduled to begin at 9 am Tuesday in Room 107 of the City-County Building, 300 W. Ash Street. The meetings can also be viewed on the Saline County YouTube channel:


To participate in the meetings, citizens will have to use the Zoom link. Use the following link and enter the meeting ID and password:


Meeting number: 968 3581 9901

Access code: 144636

For more information, contact the County Commission office at (785) 309-5825.

Agenda items

County Attorney Jeffery Ebel is asking the commission to approve a two-year contract with the Kansas attorney general’s office for appeals work to be handled by the county attorney’s office.

“Due to continuing staff shortage and backlog of Covid-19 cases

closure, the county attorney’s office is unable to track and complete appeal cases, â€Ebel noted in his request for action to the commissioners.

The cost of the contract would be $ 35,000 per year, which is lower than the amount budgeted ($ 50,000) under the “Appeals†item in the office’s 2022 budget, according to information in the committee’s meeting file.

Commissioners are also expected to consider a request from Corey Klover for the county to improve S. Niles Highway from E. Schilling Highway 750 feet south. The upgrade would include changing the S. Niles road from a dirt road to a gravel road with improved ditches.

“Mr. Klover purchased a piece of property at the southwest corner of Schilling Road and Niles Road for the purpose of building a residential house. A new entrance to Schilling Road, which is a gravel-covered road, presents some challenges due to the drainage passing through this area. Therefore, Mr. Klover would prefer to build an entrance on Niles Road either 500 ‘or 750’ south of Schilling. This request would improve Niles Road to the new entrance, “Justin Mader, county engineer, noted in the request to commissioners.

Based on information Mader provided in the request, aggregate materials would be paid from the budget line for Gravel Road upgrade / security, which has a balance of $ 200,000. Mader noted that the hardware costs for the requested upgrade would be as follows.

500ft upgrade, $ 3,500 to $ 4,500

750ft upgrade, $ 5,500 to $ 6,500

The total cost to the county to complete the project would be in the range of $ 7,000 to $ 10,000.

Other items on the county committee’s agenda for Tuesday are as follows.

â— Considered a call for tenders for Ag Hall and Barn 1 Electrical and Mechanical

â— Consider a real estate contract for land on which to place a tower as part of the emergency radiocommunications system

â— Consider canceling eight terms at the request of the county treasurer

â— Listen to the County Administrator’s weekly update

In addition, the commissioners must meet in executive session for the professional secrecy of the lawyer.

To view the full Saline County Commission agenda for Tuesday (29 page pdf), Click here.