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Posters and Pints ​​unites beer and science


The crunch of beer cans and lively conversations erupted in the Sarah Flaum Atrium on Tuesday as hundreds of postdocs, graduate students and faculty gathered for Posters and Pints, an evening of informal science communication and tasting of beer.

About 14 students presented research posters as hundreds of them spoke, drank beer and ate free food.

“The food is delicious, the drinks are delicious, and the science is fun,” graduate student Jason Nagourney said after entering the atrium unaware the event was happening.

An experienced presenter noted that Posters and Pints ​​was the most successful presentation session they had ever had.

“I was at a big international conference in Vancouver at the end of August, and I had more interactions here than at this conference, probably five times more interactions. It’s awesome,” postdoctoral student Christina Post told the CT. “This is definitely the best poster session I’ve ever had.”

Presenters and attendees were thrilled to have the opportunity to speak to their peers across the University. And, of course, they were also excited to sample many types of beer.

“I like having the option of beer,” said postdoctoral student Samantha Romanik, referring to how many European conferences are structured to have an informal atmosphere. “It feels more informal and feels like you’re talking to collaborators and colleagues rather than being sort of tested on your poster.”

For many, Posters and Pints ​​was a springboard to prepare for future conferences and presentations of research projects.

“I’m giving a talk at NERM, the Northeast Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society, in about two weeks, so I thought it would be a good event to get me out of the lab,” said graduate student Jordan. Butt. CT.

This year’s event, which was the second Posters and Pints ​​ever, was the result of a collaboration between the UR Postdoctoral Association, the Thinkers and Drinkers Communications Club and MyHub. Thinkers and drinkers spearheaded the first iteration in 2019.

“We all talked about what we liked and disliked about the poster sessions and tried to do something that we would like in a poster session, and that would be free booze and casual conversations about science,” Ian Krout, co-chairman of Thinkers and Drinkers, says the CT.

The COVID-19 pandemic suspended the second edition of the event until this year as organizers wanted to ensure it would be able to go ahead.

“I think it’s an exciting event to attend,” said Erin Davis, co-chair of the Postgraduate Association. “It’s more informal and social, there’s no judgment. We’re just here to have a good time and help people communicate their own research.