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Police pay close attention near Omaha intersection after recent shooting


OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – An Omaha woman is in jail after shooting a man late Saturday night.

Police say the shooting happened near 25th and Ames, an area that has seen its share of trouble.

An Omaha mother says her adult daughter had to go to the hospital a week ago after being beaten by several people in the 25 and Ames neighborhood.

“I want justice for her it’s sad it’s really sad.” “You know these young girls, they’re not old enough to get into the club, some aren’t, so they get out of bed and just hang around and they’re looking for a fight.”

Barbara Hatten wants something done about the violence in the region.

“There are too many things going on and then nobody does anything, nothing, nothing, my daughter is not the first one who arrived there, look at all the shootings, the stabbings, the cis, the this and that,” Hatten said.

Something happened again late Saturday night.

Stacy Webb, 40, was arrested near 25 and Ames after shooting a man in the chest. She is charged with second-degree domestic violence assault and use of a firearm to commit a felony.

Police say the victim had non-life-threatening injuries and the issues in the 25th and Ames Street neighborhood have been an ongoing issue for years.

They work to stay on top.

“Over the past few weeks there have been a handful of concerning incidents, even arrests by firearm in some of the enclosed grounds surrounding the club, not specifically at the club but where people congregate,” Jay Leavitt said. , Omaha Police Department.

Northeast Precinct captain Jay Leavitt said the private motorcycle club Los Diablos, which usually opens after the bars have closed, could be the magnet for the unruly crowds.

“So even though it doesn’t directly involve the club, we’re keeping an eye out that we don’t want to blame the club directly, but at the same time the fact that they’re open, that they’re having a meeting social and they hang around leads to more people in the area and that’s where the problems come from.

Captain Levitt says many people are gathering in closed grounds around the club and police are paying close attention to the area.

“I know they get called quite frequently, probably at least twice in a weekend, just for the noise and the crowds.” “We have been carrying out additional law enforcement operations, we have several planned for the coming weeks, just to stay on top of things and make sure this doesn’t escalate further.”

Police say they have spoken to club management, captain Levitt says the club want to work with the police.

“I actually just spoke with one of the club managers or owners he called me this morning, he said they were going to kind of take a break, be closed for a few weekends because ‘they would like to demonstrate that it’s not their bosses who are causing the problems.’ looks bad when there are problems happening near their club.”

Police said special attention was paid to the 25 area and Ames had recently removed a few guns from the streets.

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