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PBOT Bicycle Advisory Committee Meeting


ATTENTION: Virtual meeting until further notice.

The twenty volunteer members of the Cycling Advisory Committee (BAC) meet monthly to review projects and discuss cycling issues. The committee advises the city council and the offices on all matters related to cycling. Meetings are facilitated by the Portland Bureau of Transportation bicycle coordinator. The public is invited to attend. Snacks and drinks are provided.

For more information on the BAC, visit the transport office website.

December agenda (Joint meeting of BAC and the Pedestrian Advisory Committee (PAC))

Presentations / Announcements (6: 00-6: 10)

PAC Recruitment Update (6: 10-6: 15)

Provided by Michelle Marx, Pedestrian Coordinator for PBOT

Public Commentary I (6: 15-6: 25)

Earthquake Ready Burnside Bridge (EQRB) Project Update (6: 25-7: 25)

EQRB project staff will provide an update on the county’s efforts to reduce the overall cost of the project and seek feedback from committee members. Project staff will review a proposal to reduce the width of the bridge, as well as the range of ADA accessible connections assessed at the west end of the bridge and at the east end of the bridge connecting the Eastbank Esplanade.

Update on the Hollywood HUB Project (7: 25-7: 30)

BAC member Iain MacKenzie will provide a brief update on TriMet’s Hollywood HUB project. The project will be submitted to the Design Commission for a request for a design opinion on December 16. The design, which is of interest to both BAC and PAC, drew feedback from TriMet in the form of a BAC letter after TriMet appeared before the BAC in June 2021.

82nd Avenue Jurisdiction Transfer Process (7:30 a.m. – 8:20 a.m.)

Last summer, the state legislature allocated $ 80 million to fund the U.S. Salvage Plan for the city of Portland to make critical safety and maintenance upgrades on 82nd Avenue and trigger a transfer from the state roadway to the city. City council is expected to review the devolution agreement which includes additional city and state financial commitments in early 2022. Kristin Hull, director of the planning division of PBOT and Julia Reed, senior planner for PBOT, will discuss the transfer of competence, the timetable and the public process. She will seek the committee’s advice on how best to engage historically under-represented groups. For background, see the existing transportation plans for 82nd Avenue: 82nd Avenue Plan: Planning for a Future Civic Corridor (PBOT) and 82nd Avenue Implementation Plan (ODOT).

Public Commentary II (8: 20-8: 30)

Adjournment (8:30)

For any questions regarding this agenda or any other matters relating to the Portland Cycling Advisory Committee, please contact:

Roger Geller, [email protected]