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OPM cites milestones and plans on the workforce aspects of the management program


The OPM has posted on performance.gov a quarterly update of actions taken so far, and those planned, under the “Strengthening and Empowering the Federal Workforce” element of the management program. Of the president.

For example, on the goal of attracting and hiring the most qualified employees who reflect the country’s diversity and placing them in the right roles, OPM said agencies “explore the experience of candidates, early career at the senior level, including the perspective of candidates with critical skills and from underserved and underrepresented communities.Recruitment is another area explored, particularly opportunities for strategic partnerships with organizations that represent, support and engage underserved communities.

And in an effort to create “equitable pathways to the federal government for early-career positions,” it says agencies “exchange experiences and the business case for investing in interns and early-career talent.” and “work to emerge leading practices with paid internships and early career hires, including efforts to include and support underserved and underrepresented communities.

Next steps on the first goal include that agencies “will continue to build talent teams to grow and improve the recruitment and hiring of top talent” and implement performance-based hiring guidance. skills, while upcoming steps on the latter include planned guidance to increase the availability of paid internships and update the Passport program.

According to the OPM, the creation of a Chief Executive Diversity Council is also forthcoming; having agencies “invite unions to hold at least one new employee orientation session in the majority of their bargaining units, where the benefits of union membership are discussed”; OPM review of qualification criteria for SES elevation and career development programs; “revitalizing” employee assistance programs; and publishing proposed rules for implementing an executive order to minimize salary history when setting starting salaries.

The posting follows a recent update from the OPM and other larger bodies on the actions they have taken and plan to take as part of their own two-year priority goals under the program. Management.