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NHC Education Council meeting resumes virtually, to cover a number of important agenda items


WILMINGTON, North Carolina (WECT) – The highly anticipated New Hanover County Board of Education meeting resumes Tuesday evening after last week’s meeting was disrupted when the audience got out of hand. The meeting was suspended and resumed practically on Tuesday.

There were many important items on the agenda that council was unable to address until the meeting was adjourned during the call to the hearing, including several policies at first reading.

One that has caught the attention of county parents is Policy 5120, which defines the district’s relationship with law enforcement.

The recently approved North Carolina Social Studies Standards are a topic of discussion; includes the rollout of new social studies standards for K-12 grades, survey-based curriculum standards, and under-represented voice curriculum standards.

The board will also discuss the renaming of the Laney High School stadium and protocols for the upcoming school year.

Another item to note under Old Business is “Legal Services”. There are no agenda attachments for this item, so it’s unclear exactly what the board plans to discuss.

Last Tuesday, the discussion of a transparency committee was approved to also be added to the agenda.

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