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POORLY ORDERED AGENDA: Extremists want to physically eliminate those who disagree with them on religious practices. There are dozens of sects in Islam, each practicing the religion in the most sincere way. Why target a cult? If the extremists feel they can wipe out the followers of a particular sect, they are living in a fool’s paradise. If they are truly sincere towards the religion and its followers, they should use their resources to provide protection to Rohingyas or Kashmiris languishing under anti-Muslim regimes.

Sayed GB Shah Bokhari

GOVERNANCE ISSUES: Natural disasters, such as floods and earthquakes, are common phenomena that occur all over the world. It requires robust and resilient infrastructure to survive natural disasters with minimal damage to lives and livelihoods. Pakistan ranks poorly on this front due to poor governance. The current monsoon rains have once again revealed the shortcomings.

Asad Aziz

CHARISMATIC LEADER: Jinnah’s tireless struggle for the creation of Pakistan reflects the concept of a charismatic leader presented by Max Weber. Jinnah had all the charismatic traits of a towering leader that enabled him to achieve his goal; the creation of a separate state for the Muslims of the subcontinent. In a short time, he was able to generate massive support for the cause as he managed to convince people of the authenticity of the cause and the sincerity of his approach. His inimitable leadership and dedication enabled him to realize what we proudly call Pakistan today.

Manan Ijaz

BREATH PROBE: The Ashura procession in Karachi was attacked in 2009, killing a number of people and injuring many others. The explosion had inflicted heavy financial losses on many others. None of the real culprits were held responsible, although they could be easily identified in post-incident videos. The wait continues.

Rubine Jan

Posted in Dawn, August 24, 2022