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Metal detectors added at next Carmel Clay school board meeting


Carmel Clay Schools is adding wand metal detectors to its next school board meeting.

The change is in response to July 26 school council meeting when a man was arrested after a handgun fell from his pocket.

School district spokesperson Emily Bauer confirmed that the district had not had metal detectors at board meetings for at least 20 years. She added that people wishing to attend board meetings should expect metal detectors to make progress.

A notice for the school board workshop session on August 11 at 7:00 p.m. included the following: “Due to a recent incident at a school board meeting, all attendees are subject to metal detection. and can be subjected to palpation based on activation of the metal detector. “

The advisory also asked participants not to carry bags, backpacks or handbags to expedite entry to the meeting and stressed that firearms and weapons are not allowed on the grounds. from school. According to Indiana law, it is a felony to have a gun on school property or on a school bus.

Administrative offices of Carmel Clay schools.

During the July 26 meeting, a Carmelite policeman who worked at the meeting saw the pistol fall from the pocket of Robert Lesher, 69. The policeman immediately took the gun and escorted him out of the building and questioned him, according to a police press release.

After an investigation, police said they did not believe Lesher was a threat to anyone during the meeting or otherwise. Lesher has been charged with one count of possessing a firearm on school property, a felony.

Carmel School Board meetings, like others in suburban Hamilton County school districts, have recently seen an increase in attendance as parents and community members speak out on topics such as diversity, equity and inclusion, and socio-emotional learning.

However, much of this took place during public comment, and the next meeting on August 11 is a workshop session, so public comment is not on the agenda. The next regular session of the school board is August 23.

Carmel Police, typically officers who are school resource officers, regularly attend board meetings, and Bauer previously told IndyStar that there has been an increased police presence at meetings over the past two years. month.

She said the decision to add metal detectors was taken in consultation with Carmel police.

The Carmel School Board Workshop Session will be held August 11 at 7:00 p.m. at the Carmel Clay Schools Educational Services Center, 5201 East Main Street, Carmel. Doors open at 6.30 p.m. Find the agenda here.

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