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McMaster FOCO party sees thousands of people, destruction of property


McMaster University issued a statement in response to a large gathering of students over the weekend participating in an event dubbed “Fake Homecoming” or “FOCO.”

McMaster Vice Chancellor David Farrar said “several thousand” students attended and the event saw “disruption [and] non-respect of property.

Farrar pointed out that McMaster has chosen not to host official homecoming events this year and that “the vast majority of our students have chosen not to be part of the rally.”

“Those who have done it, and in particular those who have chosen to be reckless and destructive, are putting themselves and others in danger,” he said in a statement from the institution.

Hamilton City Councilor for Ward 1, Maureen Wilson, took to social media to address the rallies.

“This is unacceptable [and] dangerous. Someone is going to get killed, â€Wilson wrote on Twitter Saturday night.

“[It’s] Time spent for [McMaster University] to own this annual community debacle. Let’s send them the bill for all the police, ambulance and cleaning costs. Mac President, put your house in order and stop ransacking ours.

Farrar has apologized on behalf of the McMaster students.

“On their behalf, I apologize for this behavior, especially from those who have caused damage and put someone in danger. Such actions are totally unacceptable.

He says McMaster will fully cooperate with the Hamilton Regional Police investigation and that the school “will use the student code of conduct to punish students who violate the code’s behavioral principles.”

CTV News Toronto has contacted Hamilton Police for a statement on the incident, but has yet to receive a response.


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