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Maricopa County Constable recalls meeting Constable Deborah Martinez-Garibay


PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) – Police say Pima County Constable Deborah Martinez-Garibay was serving an eviction notice with apartment manager Angela Fox-Heath when she was killed. The alleged shooter, Gavin Stansell, 24, then allegedly turned the gun on himself after he also killed Elijah Miranda, 25.

Martinez-Garibay was an Army veteran who toured Afghanistan several times, according to a statement from Governor Doug Ducey. After leaving the military, she volunteered at local nonprofit organizations. His most recent position was as Pima County Constable. She got the job earlier this year. Maricopa County Constable Luke Palmer said it was something they bonded over during training in Flagstaff last month. “It was just interesting to hear her experiences and her perspective on things. She was very willing to share her opinion and ask lots of questions. She was there to learn and improve in her job.

Palmer said during training, Martinez-Garibay mentioned she served expulsions without a ballistic vest. “I don’t know if she had received it since the conference, but she said she was working and had none,” he said. Police did not say whether she was wearing one at the time of the shooting.

In a statement, Governor Doug Ducey said the Tucson native will be remembered for how she treated others with dignity and respect. “Her point, and she shared it with the group, was, ‘I’m here to serve. I stepped in to bring the bad news, but bring it with compassion and understanding, but always with the firmness to apply the law itself,” Palmer said.

This all comes after a shooting in July involving a Maricopa County constable in east Phoenix. The officer was unharmed while signing papers at an apartment complex when a shooting erupted, killing a resident.