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Louisiana AG asks LSU to punish professor for tweet


Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry has officially requested, on state letterhead, that Louisiana State University take disciplinary action against a full professor for calling one of Landry’s political staff a “flunkie” on Twitter after speaking at a Senate meeting in the LSU faculty.

The letter, dated December 9 and addressed to LSU President William F. Tate IV, accuses LSU journalism professor Robert Mann of violating the “Commitment to Community†guidelines in the faculty manual, which put emphasis on values ​​such as personal and social integrity, compassion, respect and positive contributions to campus and to the surrounding community.

At the heart of the problem is a battle over COVID-19 vaccines. Landry, who has spoken out against mandatory COVID-19 vaccine requirements, sent a staff member to an LSU faculty Senate meeting where vaccines were on the agenda. As Mann and others pushed for stricter vaccination policies at LSU, Landry’s staff member read a letter at the meeting opposing such demands

In response, Mann fired the tweet this would ultimately lead to calls for him to be punished: “Louisiana AG Jeff Landry sending a lackey to the LSU faculty Senate meeting today to read a letter attacking covid vaccines is quite the gesture of ‘a guy who considers himself “pro-life”. “

Before sending the letter, the Republican Attorney General also tweeted a call for disciplinary action: “His derogatory remarks about this former LSU student cannot be without consequences. I spoke with President Tate and expressed my disdain and my expectation of responsibility. “

In the midst of this drama, the president of LSU apparently showed his support for Mann. In a statement provided to local media, Tate, without directly addressing the incident, said, “As president of LSU, I am deeply committed to the rights of the First Amendment. LSU is committed to free and open scholarship and the freedom to debate ideas and principles without interference.