Home Social gathering Long Beach police step up patrols after large rally ends in shootout – CBS New York

Long Beach police step up patrols after large rally ends in shootout – CBS New York


LONG BEACH, NY (CBSNew York) – Police increase their presence in Long Beach this weekend after unauthorized parties got out of hand and led to violence.

As CBS2’s Cory James reports, it looks like the illegal Saturday night party that was shared on social media didn’t come together. The officers, however, were outside for hours, walking up and down the promenade, keeping an eye out for possible large gatherings.

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“I just saw a lot of people having fun,†said Chris Hallerdin of Queens.

What seems funny to Hallerdin is illegal in Long Beach.

Video from one of the recent parties that took place shows thousands of people gathering on June 26 by the ocean for an announced event known as the “sunset party”.

“I can see why people would be mad, but, I don’t know, it’s cool with me,†Hallerdin said.

But that’s not cool with the authorities in Long Beach.

Police Commissioner Ron Walsh says this type of behavior is unacceptable. He believes the parties are privately promoted on social media, drawing large crowds to an unauthorized event.

“We all want to have peaceful and organized gatherings on our beaches. We welcome people who want to do this stuff, but we’re not going to have random fireworks in the air. We are not going to have people who just ignore our rules and regulations. The most unfortunate thing that happened last week was that there was a shooting, â€said Long Beach Police Commissioner Ron Walsh.

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Police said a man was shot in the leg during the incident. They say he was taken to hospital, had surgery and is expected to make a full recovery.

Since July 4th is this weekend, Walsh says they are going above and beyond to stop these illegal gatherings.

Some, however, feel that additional law enforcement is unnecessary.

“I feel like it’s God’s creation, so it’s all free, so I feel like it shouldn’t be from this font,†said Shundell Allen, a resident of Long Island. “I think all of this should be free for the public.”

Others disagree, calling the police actions smart and necessary to keep bathers and the community safe.

“We come often,†said Rita Mask of Garden City. “You don’t want to be there when there’s a shootout, of course. “

“It’s kind of like the building that collapsed in Florida, isn’t it?” You learn something like that and then you have to follow up so that it doesn’t happen to others, â€said James Mask, a resident of Garden City.

Members of several agencies, including Nassau County officers and state soldiers, will continue to patrol the area throughout the weekend.

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The police commissioner says if this continues to get out of hand, they could potentially close the beach.


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