Home Agenda Local news: 2003 annexation study on the agenda of the City Council (12/31/21)

Local news: 2003 annexation study on the agenda of the City Council (12/31/21)


McCOOK, Nab. ?? Parts of South Street, Ravenswood Road and the Highlands residential subdivision west of the golf course are some of the areas identified in a 2003 study for annexation. McCook City Council will be invited to reconsider these areas at its Monday meeting at 5:30 p.m. in the City Council Chamber at the City Building.

The board can choose not to discuss anything at this point: the regular agenda item for Monday’s meeting indicates that the board will receive and table the 2003 annexation report from staff.

The report identifies nine areas for proposed annexation within the city limits of McCook.

City staff met with Miller and Associates on November 30 to discuss annexation measures taken in 2003. Staff wish to review areas considered for annexation in 2003 and believe that this review will help city council resolve issues of. current annexation and will provide a starting point for further annexation decisions.

Also scheduled for Monday night’s regular agenda, Phil Lyons, Scott Snyder’s attorney, will speak to council regarding Snyder’s request to purchase McCook town property. The property is described as Block 2 of the Hunt Subdivision, a strip of property west of Block 2000 from Norris Avenue through Kelley Creek.

The other items on the agenda that the board will have to consider on Monday evening are:

– Set a date for a joint meeting with the Airport Advisory Board and McCook City Council to review essential air service proposal forms and conduct interviews with essential air service providers. Proposals to provide essential air service to McCook Ben Nelson Regional Airport have come from Air Charter Express, Boutique Air, Key Lime Air, d / b / a Denver Air Connection, Multi-Aero d / b / a Choice One and Southern Airways Express. The municipal staff proposed Tuesday evening January 11 for the joint meeting. Following this meeting, city staff proposed that the Airport Advisory Board meet the next day to make a recommendation on which provider to use, so that this recommendation can be forwarded to city council at its regular meeting on 17 January. After the board votes on a supplier, that recommendation goes to the US Department of Transportation, the Division of Essential Air Services and National Analysis.

The supplier’s new mandate would begin on June 1, 2022. The current EAS supplier is Boutique Air. Essential air service contracts, typically for two years, are funded by the federal government so that small regional airports can provide service. Seven airports in Nebraska are eligible for funding for essential air services: Alliance, Chadron, Grand Island, Kearney, McCook, North Platte and Scottsbluff.

– Set a date for a public meeting on the potential McCook pool project. At the December 7 meeting, the pool committee met and discussed holding a town hall in January or February with the project engineer. City staff tentatively proposes a meeting on Wednesday February 2, at which the following topics can be discussed: a second pool survey with more detailed questions, pool concepts / designs and timelines / schedules.

– Municipal Prosecutor, Nathaniel J. Mustion, will provide an update on ongoing discussions with local municipalities on the creation of a regional land bank.

Council will be invited to approve consent agenda items in one motion, unless a council member, city staff or member of the public requests that an item be withdrawn for discussion / separate vote. These articles are:

– Approve a resolution amending the retirement plan for employees of the town of McCook, allowing Roth elective deferrals and allowing a transfer of the vested portion of an employee’s account. The resolution will allow city employees to defer income contributions to a Roth 401 (k) as well as allow city employees to transfer amounts vested from their 401 (k) plan to a Roth 401 (k) plan. .

– Accept the appointment of City Manager Nate Schneider of Greg A. Wolford as Superintendent of the City of McCook Street from January 1 to December 31, 2022, for the purposes of the 2022 calendar year highway incentive payout, at issue to the city by the Nebraska Department of Transportation, in February 2023: Under new state law, municipalities are now required to formally name the street superintendent by name and mention him in the minutes of the meeting, so that the city can receive the payment of the road transport incentive. Because McCook has the city manager’s form of government, the street superintendent is appointed by the city manager, not the council, according to the city manager’s report. This item on the agenda will therefore allow the City to meet the new requirements.

– Recommend approval to the Nebraska Liquor Control Board of the manager application made by Suhr Enterprises, Inc. – Gary ?? s Super Foods IV, 212 Westview Plaza, the applicant being MaKayla M. Frisch.

– Recommend approval to the Nebraska Liquor Control Board of the manager application made by Heritage Hills Golf Course, 600 Clubhouse Drive, the applicant being Tyler R. Loop.