At the start “New Zero Zero Companies”. The project launched by Insegerto provides for the granting of loans to companies and is aimed at young people and women who are planning to launch a new business activity or who have founded a company no more than a year after the presentation of the question.

Following the success of last year’s financing for young people , Insegerto offers a sum of € 50 million in loans to companies that aim to push investment in entrepreneurial activities and the launch of new companies.


The application can be submitted from January 13, 2016 via web to Insegerto which will assess each case and eventually proceed with the disbursement of the loan.

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There is no ranking and the evaluation will be in chronological order, based on the date of receipt of the individual questions.

In case of acceptance of the application, before the disbursement of the loan, the persons concerned will be summoned to the Insegerto office for an interview with professionals.

In order to obtain the disbursement of the loan , the companies in question must consist mainly of young people up to the age of 35 and women (for the latter there is no age limit).

Each of the companies in question can request up to a maximum of 1.5 million euros. The loan, to be repaid over a maximum period of eight years, is interest-free and covers up to 75% of the investment.

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Among the activities covered by the loan , there are the processing of agricultural products; production in the field of crafts and industry; trade in goods and services, activities in the field of tourism and culture, the provision of services to companies or people. The fishing sector and the primary production of agricultural goods are excluded from financing.

Among the expenses admitted to financing , there are investments in consulting, in training; licenses, patents and trademarks; the construction, purchase and renovation of a building; the purchase of land; investment in plant, equipment and machinery.