Too young, too old, non-prospective job, long-term job seekers register, mothers on maternity leave, students, loan burden … A large number of applicants for bank loans are excluded from successful negotiations beforehand. Evidence of income moves the applicant beyond the possibility of reaching a relatively low amount or puts them at a disadvantage.

Cool&Nice Credit tries to represent inflexible systems and offers solutions to these groups. We have put together a brand new system for applicants that offers non-bank loans for everyone. Our motivation is not a vision of easy profit, but an effort to accommodate clients who are defined by too strict conditions.

In daily practice, we see the reasons that even a well-balanced budget brings minus amounts. Failure of a car, a large home appliance, an insured event, or a banal reception delay can cause unpleasant stress. Every family is exposed to great demands. Food prices are rising and it is necessary to pay exactly for rent and services. Families with children struggle with the acquisition of school equipment and supplies, courses and clubs.

Our goal is not to reach out to applicants for large amounts. We know that even a few thousand can greatly alleviate problems, help improve family finances and overcome difficult times. We specialize in loans that are still missing in our market. You no longer have to worry about complex negotiations and administration. We will lend you the necessary amount in an easy and accessible form. A loan without proof of income will help you to pay back the necessary obligations, buy the necessary equipment or pay for the services drawn.


Everything is done from the computer

Everything is done from the computer

A loan without proof of income promises simplicity and affordability. You do not have to look for our branches or arrange personal meetings. All information, conditions and loan application can be found on our website. You can go through the conditions of cooperation in peace and quiet. You can also use the interactive calculator, which will help you to variablely set the amount of the loan depending on the amount of repayments and their terms.

Without interfering, you get an accurate idea of ​​the future burden on your budget. With accurate numbers you better evaluate the situation. Miss Navisham through loans offers precise and simple rules. The automated system will evaluate your application. The time from filling in to the result information will take a few minutes.

We will also transfer the requested amount to your account as quickly as possible. Indeed, our system does not complicate unnecessary administration, proof of income or difficult deadlines. All you need is your own email address, mobile and bank account. We save your time and ours. We use the Internet and modern applications.


Simple conditions

loan problem

You can check the payment schedule in advance using an interactive calculator. Once your application is approved, we’ll create a user profile where you can track your payments and future payments at any time. All conditions and data are unchanged for the whole period of cooperation. We will not overwhelm you with technical terms or a complex contract. We will give you accurate numbers and exact dates.


A loan without proof of income 

A loan without proof of income 

Of course, due to the higher risk, it is burdened with a higher interest rate. However, high interest in this case represents only an unnecessary scarecrow. Within short-term repayments and low amounts, high interest can be converted into a fee of several hundred crowns, ie high interest is basically an expense comparable to normal fees that you would otherwise pay to the bank when executing a “better rated” loan.

In addition, Miss Navisham does not burden the loans with administrative costs or other hidden charges. Higher interest is a fee for speed and availability of services.

Mutual trust and communication are more important to us. We are fully at your disposal. We are not blocking changes and will be happy to accommodate you. If your situation develops well beyond expectations, there is no problem to repay the loan prematurely. We will not demand penalties or other fines.

If your situation becomes more complicated and you are unable to meet the agreed deadlines, we will try to find a viable solution here as well. Let us know, we will offer postponement of the installment or a new payment schedule. We take into account your real possibilities and appreciate the honesty and the decision to fully pay off the liabilities.


Available loans for each applicant

Available loans for each applicant

We will not disqualify you for your age, profession or life situation. We don’t even need to know the reasons that led you to apply for a loan. Just as we do not require proof of revenue, you do not need to prove the purpose of the funds. At present, it is difficult to create and maintain a sufficient financial reserve to cover sudden expenditure or help to deal with accidents.

We are here to help you out of an unpleasant situation. Difficult times put everyone in a difficult position and require immediate solutions. We don’t abuse your disadvantageous position. We will help you to gain time and balance funds. We do not bring risks, but solutions.

Of course, we must mention that buying expensive clothes, luxury goods or expensive holidays does not correspond to reasonable management. Expensive gifts and experiences should only be resolved when you have a stable budget and are able to cover the required amount with your saved cash.