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Limits Set on County Agenda Items | News, Sports, Jobs


WARREN – Two Trumbull County commissioners voted on Wednesday to approve legislation limiting to three the number of times a commissioner can put a legislative item on the meeting’s agenda.com/category/agenda/” title=”agenda” data-wpil-keyword-link=”linked”>agenda without obtaining the agreement of a second commissioner .

Under the new rules, if a commissioner wishes to add an item to the agenda after it has appeared three times previously, the sponsor of the bill must ask a second commissioner to agree to place the item on the agenda. ‘agenda.

Commissioners Frank Fuda and Mauro Cantalamessa voted in favor of limits. Commissioner Niki Frenchko voted against.

“It’s literally the dumbest thing I’ve seen so far” Frenchko said. “To say that we are never going to allow an item to return to the agenda again even if there is a new composition of the board of directors is unfair. “

Frenchko added that for two of the three commissioners to discuss a proposed agenda item over the phone or in a meeting before it is placed on the agenda would likely violate laws on the agenda. public meetings.

She placed various items dealing with the requirement of work flow charts and training manuals for all county positions, the use of weekly clocks and timesheets, the posting of job vacancies in various media, a system for ranking potential candidates for county jobs requiring performance. evaluations on the commissioners’ agenda for several months.

However, Frenchko failed to convince any of his fellow Commissioners to support putting the points to a vote.

“These guys don’t have the courage to say no” Frenchko said.

Cantalamessa, who sponsored the legislation, said he believes the commissioners’ meetings have been dominated by these elements, so a new policy is needed.

“While there is merit in some of the things that have been introduced, I am not entirely comfortable with what has been presented and, if so, I reserve the right not to support a motion (to allow a vote to take place), “ he said. “It’s part of my job. Putting the same thing on the agenda week after week is not going to make my vote more binding.

“In fact, after three working sessions and three meetings on issues discussed, examined and debated, I think we are wasting valuable county resources and time that could be spent more productively.” Cantalamessa said.

He said some of the items have been on the agenda several times. He noted that a proposal to have residents vote on the county’s membership in WRTA has been on the commissioners’ agenda 20 times.

” No, this is not the case “ Frenchko replied. “It would be nice if I worked with honest commissioners. How many times has it been voted?

Fuda replied that she did not get the support needed to bring the points to the actual votes, as he believes many of them should be discussed with those who would be affected during Tuesday’s working sessions or during Wednesday morning votes.

“Some of these things should require meetings, where we can discuss the right way to do it,” said Fuda.

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