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Park Rapids Area School Board
Minutes of working meetings
Tuesday, September 7, 2021
6:00 p.m.
Frank White Education Center – Community Hall
President Safratowich opened the meeting. The members present and the order to vote were Dodge, Carlson, Hoyt, Pike, Kocka & Safratowich. Directors Jeff Johnson, Shawn Andress and Mike LeMeir were in attendance, as well as Superintendent Lance Bagstad as well as staff and community members.
RECITE the Oath of Allegiance
APPROVED Agenda and addenda as presented. Dodge / Picket
APPROVED Consent Articles as follows: Pike / Hoyt-Dana Kocka will recuse themselves from the vote
a) Approve the minutes of the regular meeting of the Board of Directors of 23 August 2021
b. Approve resignation – Jenny Jackson, District Nurse
c. Approve resignation – Mike Heegard, bus driver
d.Approve Volunteer – Caitlin Djonne Junior High Volleyball Coach
e. Approve a new hire – Kayla Ehler, paraprofessional – Effective September 13, 2021
f. Approve a new hire – Christina Avila, assistant cook 2.5 hours / day
g. Approve a new hire – DeVonne Erickson, paraprofessional
h.Approve a new hire – Stacy Voigt, paraprofessional
i) Approve a new hire – Tia Kocka, district nurse – ADDENDUM Effective September 20, 2021
HEARD New business:
Approve free breakfast and lunch using USDA funding for the 2021-2022 Carlson / Dodge school year
b.Resolution indicating the intention of the school board to finance the costs of certain Hoyt / Kocka projects
Discussion topics HEARD:
To. School start 2021-2022
Johnson – I had 9th graders in the building and it was awesome. We’ve had 154 students here with 30 mentors and they’ve done a really good job of building relationships.
Andress – We had a great day. We spoke with 7th and 8th grade students about Panther Pride and they were tired around 1:00 am. It was a great day to get back to the routine.
LeMier – We had a great first day. Kindies, we have 127 signed up and we have a lot of new faces. The bus loop went well with more staff supervising things.
Stevenson – 18 students enrolled and I meet all the students and we had a great day. I always enroll students and meet a lot of families.
Bagstad – I was able to observe the loop of the bus and it seemed to flow well. We had some transportation issues, but we’ll fix them.
HEARD the monthly report of the board committee – I met with AFSCME and they are voting on the approval of their contract.
HEARD 309 Project Update – We followed up with the rest of our staff last week and will be meeting in small groups. We have communications in place and we are working on preparing our mail.
ADD at 6:27 am Dodge / Kocka
(Oct 6, 2021) 2906807


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