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Kauai eliminates the level system; Hawaii counties continue to ease COVID restrictions


KAUAI (KHON2) – More levels. Kauai Mayor Derek Kawakami announced they were cleaning up the details by eliminating their tier system for a more flexible approach.

“Our tiered system was created before vaccines were available, and also before the delta variant became a real challenge. And so, at this point in our operation, the level system has served its purpose. But it is rather obsolete at the moment, â€explained Mayor Kawakami.

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The level system was first implemented in October 2020. It set criteria to relax and tighten restrictions on businesses and activities to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Now that cases have declined statewide and vaccination rates are on the rise, Mayor Kawakami has said they no longer need them.

“What does this really mean for the people of Kauai, also for the people who visit Kauai? Not much, â€he said.

Kauai still falls under state guidelines requiring indoor masks, as well as capping indoor gatherings to 10 and outdoor to 25. But they have allowed some prohibited activities in other counties. .

“We have organized youth sports, as well as senior softball, which take place from June 1, 2020, with spectators,†he explained.

County Kauai has also allowed professionally organized weddings and events for up to 40 people indoors and 100 outdoors.

“But if they plan to exceed that capacity, this is where the county asks them to take additional safety measures, such as checking vaccination results and / or negative tests,” Mayor Kawakami added. .

Looking ahead, Mayor Kawakami said they will continue to listen to what health and science experts tell them and adapt accordingly. Mayor Rick Blangiardi also eliminated the Honolulu level system, opting for what he saw as a more flexible approach. Click here for current guidelines.

Although Maui County does not have a tier system, at the start of the pandemic they created “COVID-19 management tiers,†which included “Stay home,†“Safer at home And “Act with caution”. They are currently operating under their ‘Safer Outdoor Guidelines, ‘with updates taking effect Saturday, October 16.

Here is a list of Maui’s updated Safer Outdoors guidelines:

  • Increased social gatherings to 10 indoors and 25 outdoors
  • Extension of the closing time of bars and restaurants until midnight
  • Allow up to 10 diners per table and allow unvaccinated customers with a recent negative COVID test (within 48 hours) to dine inside
  • Allow spectators of outdoor sporting events with groups limited to 25 people (excluding Maui Interscholastic League or DOE sports)
  • Allow spectators to indoor sporting events with groups limited to 10 people (no MIL or DOE sports)
  • All sports participants, coaches, instructors, staff and spectators must wear a face cover at all times

The Big Island has never had a multi-level system. But a Hawaii County spokesperson said he asked Gov. David Ige to ease the social gathering limits currently set at 10 indoors and 10 outdoors, 10 indoors and 25 outdoors. outside like the rest of the state.

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“I think the mayors are right,” said Lt. Gov. Josh Green. “They’re gradually reducing the restrictions, but I think we could be a little more daring on the outside restrictions because you just don’t see any outward transmission anywhere.”


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