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Indoor gatherings are finally allowed again as part of Stage 2 in Ontario next week


Ontario is finally entering Stage 2 of its roadmap to reopen in the coming days, which means new less prohibitive rules for businesses, more options for activities and events and new gathering limits , among other exciting changes.

Starting at 12:01 a.m. on Wednesday, June 30, residents will finally be able to once again have indoor social visits, which in some areas – like Toronto – have been banned altogether since November.

In this second stage, indoor private gatherings and public events can take place indoors, but with a ceiling of five people, while the same outdoor gatherings will be allowed with a maximum of 25 people.

These are some serious improvements from the current Stage 1 limits of 0 (unless they are members of the same household) and 10, respectively.

With some of the longest lockdowns and business closures in the world, Ontario now has a vaccination rate of over 76% of adults for first doses and over 29% for two, exceeding the province’s own thresholds for it not only step 2, but also the third and final step of our reopening framework.

The daily number of new cases and the capacity of intensive care units have also plummeted, with fewer than 300 positive diagnoses across the province for each of the past three days and hospital admissions in the hard-hit urban center of Toronto falling. at levels not seen since September.

Along with the increase in the size of gatherings, residents will benefit from the return of personal care services offered by hair and nail salons, increased capacity in essential and non-essential retail stores (and the reopening of centers. commercial!), larger tables on terraces of bars and restaurants, fairs and open-air exhibitions with restrictions in place, etc.


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