Home Social gathering IMA urges Center to announce ‘additional’ Covid-19 vaccine doses for healthcare and frontline workers – The New Indian Express

IMA urges Center to announce ‘additional’ Covid-19 vaccine doses for healthcare and frontline workers – The New Indian Express


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NEW DELHI: The Indian Medical Association (IMA) on Monday urged the government to announce “additional” doses of the Covid vaccine for healthcare, frontline workers and people with compromised immune systems amid concerns over the Omicron variant of the coronavirus, of which 21 cases have been detected in India, so far.

He also called on the government to speed up the proposal to vaccinate people between the ages of 12 and 18.

At a press conference, the medical corps said cases of the latest variant of the coronavirus had been reported in a number of major Indian states and the tally, which is in double digits, is expected to rise.

With the scientific evidence available and the experience noted in the countries of origin, it is evident that the Omicron variant will have high penetrability and affect more people, the IMA said.

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“At a time when India returns to normal, this is a big setback. If we don’t take adequate measures, we could have a massive third wave,†he said.

Noting that India has passed 1.26 billion vaccinations, with more than 50% of the adult population vaccinated with at least one dose, the IMA said the vaccination has been shown to prevent severe forms of infection. .

“So if we can selflessly focus on immunization, India can surely overcome the impact of Omicron. IMA sincerely calls on all concerned to consider vaccination as a priority program and to focus their attention on reaching all those who are not reached and also ensuring that the second dose is given. to all the needy. “

“At this point, the IMA is also calling on the government to officially announce that an additional dose (of vaccine) will be given to healthcare, front-line workers and people with compromised immune systems to increase immunity,” the Minister said. body of doctors.

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Omicron has been shown to be less potent in causing serious infections, but certainly five to 10 times more contagious than the Delta variant.

Therefore, the government and all stakeholders should take appropriate measures to control contagion by improving immunization, the IMA said in a press release.

He called on everyone to avoid and suspend massive social gatherings and ensure appropriate behavior for covid is observed, including wearing masks and washing hands.

“IMA does not support the imposition of a travel ban. However, we all call for avoiding unnecessary travel, especially leisure tourism and social gatherings. Our entire public transport system must strictly adhere to the covid protocol code. “

Noting that in African countries where the Omicron variant has spread widely, there is a sudden increase in the number of children infected and admitted to intensive care units, the IMA said it has called all schools and colleges to strictly adhere to Covid protocols and ensure that all adults are there. be vaccinated.


“The IMA is also demanding that the government accelerate the proposal to vaccinate children aged 12 to 18 at the earliest,” he said.

Expressing concern over the shortage of manpower in the health sector, the IMA said: “It is disastrous to note the postponement of the admission of NEET-PGs to medical schools.

“This will result in a shortage of almost two batches of graduates, one taking the exam and the other awaiting admission. This will result in the unavailability of nearly a lakh of young medical residents to do so. in the face of the crisis. “

“The IMA demands that the Indian government get proactively involved in this issue and ensure that the admission of the PG is made on a war footing. It will be too late if we postpone the admission of the PG to fight. against the Covid crisis, “the medical corps said.