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Harmar officials offer backflow prevention devices if the backflow of wastewater is not resolved


Officials in the Township of Harmar assured residents that they would find an answer to their sewage back-up problems while continuing their investigation.

At the supervisors meeting on November 18, residents were briefed on the next steps on the township’s agenda to find the root cause of the sanitary sewer overflows.

This is an issue raised by residents of the Chapel Downs housing plan in September.

Harmar supervisor Bob Seibert said the township will exhaust as many options as needed to find answers.

“We are not deviating from it. I treat it like it’s my own home, â€he told residents at the meeting.

A smoke test was carried out between late September and early October. The test was carried out from Highbury Road to the township boundary. During the process, Township Engineer Matthew Pitsch said a suspicious pipe containing a blockage was found between Philomena Circle and Bromley Circle. Throwing equipment was used to eliminate it.

A sewer camera was used in October to further investigate the pipes.

Pitsch said the test found the problem was not that residential roof downspouts were connected to the sanitary sewer, as has often been the case in other cities.

“We have discovered a few minor issues that we will work to fix, but we have yet to find the root cause of the backups,†Pitsch said.

The municipality recently sent a notice to inspect the pipes at Adat Shalom, a community synagogue near the boundaries where the smoke tests were carried out. Pitsch said that although the synagogue is located in Indiana Township, the building’s pipes flow into Harmar’s sanitary sewer system.

Pitsch said the township would need to purchase a 6-inch line of cameras to examine the synagogue lines because the current sewer camera can only handle 8-inch lines. The board of directors voted unanimously to approve the purchase of a 6-inch camera. The township would like to inspect with the new camera equipment by the first week of December.

If the township is unable to find an answer to the sewage backflow problems, backflow preventers will be the back-up plan, Pitsch said.

“We will come back to the drawing board,” he said.

Harmar resident Judy Burek asked officials if the work can be done before spring.

President Bob Exler told residents the township is taking the issue seriously and will work as quickly as possible to find a solution.

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