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H Earl Clack Museum Meeting discusses museum move and agenda items – Hi-Line Today


LE HAVRE, Mont. (NMB) – The H. Earl Clack Museum held its monthly meeting Monday evening to discuss agenda items, including updates on the museum’s move from Le Havre Holiday Village Mall to its downtown location. city ​​on 5th ave and US 2.

Emily Mayer, director of the museum, provided the museum’s report to the board. One of Mayer’s concerns was the need for additional seasonal tour guides for the Wahkpa Chu’gn Buffalo Jump and additional staff at the museum.

Mayer reported that the interpretive center is set up and ready to open soon. The museum’s report also contained three separate donation suggestions from the public, including metal chandeliers with frosted glass salvaged during renovations to the courthouse in the 1960s. Mayer said they appear to have been installed during the construction of the courthouse around 1914 and that they had been accepted into the museum’s collection.

Museum Foundation President Elaine Morse spoke about the things needed to move into the next stage of the museum’s move on April 23 – the possibility of widening the mall’s entrance exit to move the last pieces of the museum and coordinate the use of vehicles and trailers to move them. Move non-museum objects such as road signs, a map of Glacier Park, a stagecoach and a surrey, ask the reduction contractors to paint the exterior of the museum and garage doors. Morse also said physical work on the stairs, preparation of an ADA ramp, and hiring a crew to clean up the mall space once the museum pieces are fully out.

Other agenda items discussed included a discussion of updating the Board Bylaws to add two additional members and the process required to make the change. The Board decided to present the by-law change at the next two Board meetings before submitting it to the Commission. Discussion of the continuity of dinosaur stamps was also discussed.

The next meeting of the Museum’s Board of Directors is scheduled for May 9 at 6 p.m. at the Best Western Havre Inn and Suites.

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