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Green flags to notice when meeting your in-laws in an arranged marriage


When you meet your potential spouse’s parents, they will likely have a lot of questions about your family and your qualifications. And in such cases, we often read all the toxic signs that let you know that you may be choosing the wrong alliance. However, if you are considering an arranged marriage in your future, you should know the green flags to watch out for when meeting your future in-laws. Take a look at some green flags that indicate that everything is fine and that you could have a great relationship with them one day.

  1. They include your parents in their long-term plans

Just as you realize that you are not only marrying the boy, but his whole family; they too accept your people into the fold. Therefore, whether they are planning a big family vacation at the end of the year or the upcoming wedding in their family; they should think about asking your parents or relatives to join the trip or to invite them.

  1. Their conversations clearly show that they care about you and your aspirations

Consider it a green flag when you meet in-laws who seem to care about your goals in life and your own aspirations. It could be as simple as asking yourself where you envision your career, what city you’d like to live in, or where you’d like to travel.

  1. They don’t just focus on your financial relationship

As they get to know you, your in-laws are likely asking about your financial stability. However, in the ideal situation, they would just as easily offer you information about themselves while asking you for details about your life. It would be a two-way street and they would offer to help you with the financial elements of the wedding, while expecting that you would also want to pay for certain elements. In the perfect scenario, there would be no mention of a dowry or gift from just one party, as both families would want to be equally invested in the marriage.

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Although you should go ahead and ask all the questions you have in mind, these little things will indicate that you may have met the right people for you.

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