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Emergency Response Highlights Jasper County Program


The Jasper County Court of Commissioners met in special session on August 10 and covered the following agenda items:

The court first voted to renew Jasper County’s local disaster declaration and countywide burning ban. The court noted that although Jasper County has recently received minor rainfall in isolated areas, drought conditions and fire danger still exist. In an effort to protect lives and property and to provide relief to tired volunteer firefighters, the court extended the burning ban and declaration.

Next, the court considered a request made by Sheriff Mitchel Newman to acquire up to two boats for use as emergency response craft to augment the craft used by the Jasper County Emergency Corps. The court also noted that the application would allow the boats to be stored in a future storage facility owned and maintained by the Jasper Hospital District in the unincorporated community of Sam Rayburn.

After a brief discussion, the court voted to allow the sheriff’s office to acquire the boats using prisoner reimbursement funds for payment and further allowed the county’s boats to be stored at Jasper Hospital District facilities. once construction is complete.

In other matters related to emergency response, the court voted to appoint a committee to work on requests for the proposed supply of Jasper County’s pre-disaster contract for management services, removal , Disaster Debris Removal and Monitoring, which will be renewed in 2023. The court named former members of the committee, Enclosure 2 Commissioner Roy Parker, Emergency Management Coordinator Billy Ted Smith and County Auditor Melissa Smith and a new committee member, Precinct 1 Commissioner Seth Martindale.

The court also heard from County Treasurer Rene ‘Ellis, who renewed Jasper County’s Medicare retiree supplement program, known as County Choice Silver. The court voted to renew the plan, which is paid for entirely by individual retirees at no cost to Jasper County.

In county road maintenance, the court voted to approve the donation of several truckloads of rock material from Mr. David Frankens, owner of the property called Blue Hole in the northern part of Jasper County. The court appreciated the donation and the commissioners said they looked forward to using the material for needed road repairs.

Concluding the cases, the court voted to approve Jasper County’s annual optional vehicle registration fee renewal for fiscal year 2023, which is $10.00 for road and bridge maintenance performed by the commissioners. The court voted to leave the fees at the same rate as since around 2005.