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DD2 Implements New Policies Regarding ‘Disruptive Behavior’ at Board Meeting | Education


New Regulations Regarding Public Comment and “Disruptive Behavior” in Dorchester School District Two board meetings were discussed at the start of the September 27 board meeting.

President Gail Hughes began the meeting by addressing policies.

“We will not tolerate any type of explosions, yelling, standing and applause or vulgar language,†Hughes said. “All of these things that have been going on for a few months, we’re going to try to reduce bullying at the school board level in the same way we would expect it to be reduced in schools, and we need to lead by example. “

Hughes explained that with the new regulations, a community member present at the meeting will receive a warning and if an incident recurs, they will be escorted by security and issued a trespassing warrant. The warrant will prevent the person from returning for the entire school year.

“We understand that the mask is a huge concern now, and rightly so, but we have other things we need to contribute to. There is so much we need to talk about that we never hear from these parents, â€said Hughes. “I hope people feel safe and want to go out and talk with us.”

Hughes also announced that the board will now begin asking people at the meeting to choose a spokesperson to speak on behalf of comment cards that address the same topic.

“Someone from this group will be invited to speak and represent this group,†said Hughes. “If you have five who want to talk about the math program, there will be a speaker to talk about it. “

Comment cards always indicated that if there were multiple people speaking on the same topic, they had to choose a speaker, Hughes said.

“As a school board, we have the option of having a closed meeting and we have the option of having an open meeting without comment,†said Hughes. “It’s all in politics, but we do it because we want to hear from our parents and we want to hear from our community, but it has to be done in a civil and respectable manner.”

Two people present at the meeting were invited out after applauding in response to someone’s public comment. A district spokesperson said neither of the two individuals received trespassing notices because their behavior was a “minor disruption” to the meeting.


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