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Crispy grass beside the fairway: drought impact on a small town golf course


EUREKA, SD (KELO) – When Ryan Grenz misses a fairway at Eureka Golf Course, his ball doesn’t stop rolling.

Sometimes it works to Grenz’s advantage on the tree-filled nine-hole course just north of Highway 10 in the north-central town of South Dakota. The combination of a winter with very little snow, an aging irrigation system and, more recently, the driest June in South Dakota history, members of the Eureka Golf Course are hosting Weekly fundraisers to raise funds for over $ 150,000 in upgrades to keep longtime golf courses looking green.

“It has been said for years that we need to do something with our sprinkler system. It was the year to take the plunge, â€said Grenz, who, along with his wife, Ashley, helps direct a weekly Queen of Hearts cartoon. “We knew we weren’t going to be able to do this without a big fundraising effort. ”

Pitches Team Director Rick Weisbeck said he has been helping run the golf course for over 30 years and noted that part of the course’s irrigation system dates back to 50 years ago. years, when the raised grass greens were first installed.

“It’s pretty much run its course,†Weisbeck said of the current irrigation system. “We are struggling with a lot of water cuts and different issues. ”

The system’s pump station and timers may remain the same, but Weisbeck said all new wires, hoses and sprinklers will need to be installed.

“Where we have been able to save water is good. Where we haven’t, you can see it’s obviously brown, â€Wiesbeck said. You can see the stark difference between the watered grass and the areas that only get water when it rains in the two photos below.

To the left is the green grass of the first tee, while to the right is the brown, dry grass of the rough next to the fairway of hole 1 of the Eureka Golf Course. The course organizes several fundraisers to pay $ 150,000 in irrigation improvements.

“It started during the winter. The open winter was bad for us, â€Weisbeck said. “We have had damage on several greens and it usually takes a long time to heal them all. ”

After some more recent rains in the last few weeks, many tees and greens in good condition.

“We had an inch of rain a while ago and you can really tell the difference from that,†Weisbeck said.

“A must in the community”

The golf course has served Eureka and the surrounding community since 1926. And during the summer months, golf helps bring out players of all ages. Grenz and Weisbeck both said the golf course has been busy this year.

Grenz called the Eureka golf course “one of the finest nine-hole courses in the region”. He noted that there has been a high turnout in the men’s, women’s and children’s leagues this summer.

At an all-class reunion tournament on the weekend of July 4, more than a hundred golfers showed up, Weisbeck noted.

“It’s a great social gathering place,†Grenz said. “Most of our Friday nights are crowded here.”

Different families help prepare meals on Friday evenings and the golf course has filled a void as a place for families to have a meal on weekends.

“You look at how many different companies have gone through Eureka, the golf course has been around for a long time,†Grenz said. “It’s basically a staple of the community. People know it’s gonna be here.

In an effort to get a portion of the $ 150,000 in irrigation replacement costs covered this year, the golf course is hosting a Queen of Hearts raffle where people can purchase tickets each week to win a raffle. The total pot rose to $ 5,100 for that week, if the winning card is drawn on Friday night. If the queen of hearts is not chosen, the winner receives $ 100 and the pot continues to grow.

To participate in the game, simply follow the Eureka Golf Course Facebook page. You don’t need to be present to play the game.

In addition to the social tournaments throughout the golf season, Weisbeck thanked all the support the golf course has received.

“The community has really made progress,†Weisbeck said. “We cannot thank the community enough. I think they realize that the golf course has been pretty vital to the community for many years.


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