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COVID outbreaks in Detroit and Battle Creek schools highlight Michigan’s March 21 report


Michigan health officials identified 16 new outbreaks of COVID-19 last week, including nine associated with K-12 schools and six linked to long-term care facilities.

The two largest new school outbreaks were reported at Lakeview Middle School in Battle Creek and Sampson-Webber Leadership Academy in Detroit. The schools had 28 and 23 students and staff respectively tested positive for the coronavirus, representing 67% of newly infected school populations.

A total of 76 students and staff have been sickened by the latest school outbreaks, according to the latest outbreak report released Monday, March 21 by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.

Monday’s report included 16 new outbreaks and 319 ongoing outbreaks, for a total of 335 active clusters. That’s down 31.6% from last week’s total, following a recent downward trend in reported outbreaks statewide.

A COVID outbreak is defined by the state health department as three or more cases with a link by location and time indicating shared exposure outside of a household. In recent months, the state has reduced the types of metrics included in its weekly outbreak reports.

Other outbreaks of new schools in the latest report included:

  • Delta Mills Early Childhood Center in Lansing, where five students and staff have tested positive for COVID;
  • Harms Elementary School in Detroit, where five people fell ill;
  • Fisher Magnet Upper Academy in Detroit where five students tested positive for COVID;
  • Osborn High School in Detroit, where four students reported coronavirus infection.

Below is an online database that allows readers to search for outbreak data by school name or by city or county. The number of people infected is a cumulative total since the initial outbreak. (Note: Washtenaw County only reports running totals for the last 28 days.)

Don’t see the database above? Click here.

Below is an interactive map showing the new and ongoing outbreaks listed in Monday’s report. You can hover your cursor over a point to see the underlying data.

Don’t see the map? Click here.

The state’s weekly outbreak reports no longer include data on manufacturing and construction sites, retail, bars and restaurants, universities and colleges, social gatherings, offices, camps. migrants, indoor and outdoor community events, personal services and religious services.

Outbreak data for K-12 schools includes only cases of people or staff becoming infected at school or during school-related activities. Those who caught the virus outside of school are not included.

For more statewide data, visit MLive’s coronavirus data page, here.

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